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Sega Rally 2006


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I've been playing the career mode too and it's pretty cool, to be honest. The main bulk of the new Sega Rally game and one where the player gets to explore the different cars on offer and the physics engine a little more than the arcade mode. Customisation too.

I did some rough translations too of a typical career session.

Once started, the player has is presented with the race entry screen where they can sign up for forthcoming events. At the start, one can only partake in 'open' events, time trails and other challenges (like a typically timed rally, sponsorship event). Prizes can be obtained by doing well (placing first, so far).

Once entry has been confirmed, the main menu screen is available showing:


Race (takes you to the next event)

Home (where one can enter new races, etc...)

Sponsorship (if offered)


The Garage has more options:

Configuration (parts, class, etc...)

Shop (buy new parts here)


Car selection

Most of it is easy enough to understand. By default (I think), the cars are on automatic. The transmission option is in Garage->Config->Transmission->Auto or Manual (1st and 2nd option). The options go:






One has to configure tyres yourself and is essential to doing well in a rally. The tyre options are:


Wet slicks

Hard gravel

Soft gravel

Wet gravel

and Snow.

Go play already!

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Oh, the parts available in the shop are:

Air filter










If you're unsure, just select a part anyway and you get a little picture to show what is what. Performance changing parts are broken down into response and power, which is shown down the bottom right hand side of the screen.

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Yeah, still got it.  I prefer the PC version over the Xbox, to be honest but I can't capture so well via the PC so.... you know.  DFPro here too, works great on the PC and the frame rate drops/pop-up can be eliminated so it's all ace.  Wouldn't mind one of those hydraulic seats either ;)

That run was terrible though.  I don't think it beats the challenge record but demonstrates the game perfectly ;)

Those seats are awesom.

Is there a thread of RBR at all. Maybe have some friendly competition on the stages posting times.

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This getting a UK release anytime? Checked play.com and SEGA's Europe site and nowt there.

Been listening to the soundtrack for the last couple of days, it's rather wonderful.  :P

Well they didn`t give us Initial D, any of the Sega AGES titles (or has that changed recently?) and I doubt we`ll get Ryu ga Gotoku, so I`d be very surprised if SR2006 came out here.

the only games Sega have released here recently has been tat like Sonic Heroes.

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  • 15 years later...

15 years later wow! :)


Still miss playing Sega Rally on my Saturn. Have Sega Rally on my 360 which is really good lots of variety in there but a shame it's only 30fps. Although to be fair the Saturn version was only 30fps too but feels faster.

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