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Can't Wait For The Revolution Controller?


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I hope everyone get's in on the party, the big N aren't gonna allow the kind of lead pipe to the face ultraviolence the Rev controller needs.

True that. I'm sick of the kiddy games on Nintendo like Killer 7 and the Resident Evil series.

I want a Jack the Ripper game where you get points for stylish stabs.

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This knock-off, as well as Tsietin's (sorry if misspelt)video, both miss the point by a really wide margin. The revolution's most important feature isn't point-n-shoot like a light gun, it's the ability to detect subtle (or dramatic) rotations, and perhaps most importanly for 3D landscapes, detect distance from the screen. Isn't it? I mean, we've been able to do up/down/left/right and pointing for years (although not as the default controller).

I want to see a mock-up (or better yet, the real thing) showing off the advantages of being able to reach into the screen, push things, twist stuff around. Tsietin (sp?) get on it! :(

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