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Aliens: Special Edition


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Oh man, never noticed before that Horner's opening titles for Aliens are a straight rip from the Discovery One first appearance theme from 2001, which I am watching this very second.

So, Goldsmith stole his own 2001 work for Alien. Then Horner ripped that for Aliens? Never knew.

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Don't know if anyone else has watched this yet, it was published a few weeks ago. Some good stuff within that I never new about (like using the miniatures of the APC on a ramp when filming). They talk about the design of the Sulaco but don't mention that Cameron was trying to make it look like a rifle as the original production sketches were pretty flat and saucer like. The Halo assault rifle always reminds me of the Sulaco...


The only weird thing about the vid is that there's no mention of Hicks. How the hell can you do a piece celebrating the greatness of Aliens and not mention Hicks?

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