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The DS has become the essential console to own.

Whilst I never use mine in public, it's over-used during sit down toilet activities, in between tv adverts, and during lunch breaks.

As a matter of fact, it's the second thing I grab after ploughing the missus.

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More or less the same as my GBA.

On the train, while visiting relatives, on the bog at work and in bed. Also on the couch while the girlie watch TV, in bed or while I'm at the PC.

I don't think it replaced or changed my 'regular' console-use, but it takes up about 80% of my portable playtime against 20% on PSP (LCS mainly)

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I got into big trouble from my other half for taking my DS down to a relatives... even though she'd asked me not to.

Thing is, when we got there, her cousin had Mario Kart on the DS for christmas, so I jumped out to the car, got mine and all the kids ended up playing multiplayer MK with each other!

I was the saviour of the day...

still didn't stop the missus being dead angry with me though. :ph34r:

My DS has started to replace my regular console outings... it's easier to sit in the room and play and not go to another room. The missus was getting annoyed with my gaming in another room activities, but the games in the living room don't bother her so much... for now.

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Mine is mostly a "home" console and like a lot of others in this thread, it's pretty much replaced my "under the telly" consoles.

Agreed. Apart from Live, Footy Manager, and maybe Bongo's when friends are round, I hardly play any games on my GC/PS/DC/Xbox/PC anymore. It's all about the DS.

I play it in bed, on the loo, in front of the telly, at work, everywhere. I think it's mostly to do with the fact that it doesn't tie up the telly. So I can still be relatively sociable. And that it's ace, obv.

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On the contary, give her the DS while you use the TV for your videogame fix!

Animal Crossing and Ouendan are my other halves faves.

She did get hooked on AC, actually.

At first I was chuffed.

Then I realised it meant I never got to play ;)

It was a typical short-lived infatuation, though. Just like with Mario Kart on the gc really. Once she'd got the hang of it, she'd had enough.

I was relieved, tbh.

She still asks if the animals are asking after her, though :(

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