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The Spurs Thread


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I've never posted in a football thread before but my family have always been yids so I've always been a supporter of Spurs. Anyway I've just moved to Humberside and I honestly never saw things working out like this. But despite Hull being so amazing I can't give up my team for my adopted club and find myself apalled by what has happened to Tottenham.

Redknapp was a real 'WTF' moment for me and resulted in me waking up my brother to see what he thought (he told me to fuck off and ask him tomorrow). Ramos has been awful (though I think sacking Jol was worse) but I don't think Redknapp will bring me the beautiful football I wanted (and I dislike the ammount of corruption that has followed him, right or wrong in its accusation).

Right now I think Spurs should go down, for the best. We need rid of Levy and need to find our roots again, and if relegation is what it takes then so be it. (I can always join in with the locals as we celebrate Champions League football for next season).

COYS./ Tigers.

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Ashame really. Ramos was a great manager, was convinced he would do it at Spurs. Just ashame he had a prick of a director of football, who made some terrible signings. What can Ramos do when his two top strikers are sold and replaced with an unproven Russian striker? If Levy wasn't a prick, he should have sold Berbatov straight away and sign a replacement instead of letting the saga drag on till the last day without signing a replacement.

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Ramos had no ability to motivate our players and that was his real downfall, not exactly the sign of a great manager. Harry's a master at it though, he's only got a few seasons in him, but he can get us playing and is probably the best chance we have at surviving, and maybe we can nab a cup on the way.

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Aye, with the clocks going back I was hoping for a lie-in, but no, my son's up, his mother's downstairs...

"they've fired Ramos!"


"guess who the new manager is"

"Keegan, Rix, Jones... George Graham?"



this is weirder than that morning I went downstairs and my mum told me Kurt Cobain had offed himself.

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What the fuck?

I had not seen or heard any news from last night, so this has come as quite a shock. I thought that they would have at least waited until after the Bolton game to make heads roll. I do feel sorry for Poyet, though, he's a great guy who never made excuses or tried to dodge bullets when faced with the press. Good luck to him. The set up at Spurs was all wrong for Ramos, I agree with redbloodcell about him not being able to motivate us for a fight, but I have no doubt that in couple of year's time he will turn another Spanish side into the 'new' Sevilla.

As for Redknapp, I don't know. There probably isn't a better man out there to take on a team of feeble underachievers and make them fight for their lives. He is, however, a manager who will walk if a club is being run in a way that interferes with his work. Will he stick it out to the bitter end if the board keeps putting obstacles in his way? Probably not. And we can't forget that he didn't manage to keep Southampton in the Premier League either. I feel sorry for Portsmouth, too, we are getting a reputation for stealing coaches and they really deserve better.

Also, there's an open letter from Levy to the supporters:


What a bizarre turn of events.

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