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The Spurs Thread


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Simply put, we need his precise set pieces. Although we saw a massive improvement in our final ball against Bolton, namely from Bentley, I think Beckham would be deadlier with it.

I'd welcome Beckham supplying Pavy while we get another Keane-esque player in January.

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Play Beckham in the middle alongside either Jenas, Zokora or Huddlestone. Modric playing either from the left or behind the striker in a free role. Bentley or Lennon from the right.

That's what I was thinking with Beckham, he's a very experienced player and I think his influence would help in the centre. I'd stick him just ahead of Zok or Hudd but I'd prefer not to ever see Jenas again. Modric should always be in the free role, he's a bit wasted on the left I think and Lennon has been playing well there recently when deployed, he cuts in well from the wing and he's a much better passer than crosser.

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C'mon you Spurs... what a goal from Bentley, I reckon it will be up there in the goal of the season contenders :lol:

We are working hard without the ball, just want to see them keep it a bit more. We keep winning it back deep and then playing it long for Pav, who in my opinion still looks a little lightweight.

Modric's working hard, playing well. Huddlestone has been great, I feel so assured when he has it.

I think Gomez is the first player Redknapp is going to look at, he can stop shots all day but his catching and general awareness is rubbish.

Corluca has looked solid against Adabayour.

I hope we can hold on as Arsenal are so dangerous.

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