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Help Me With My Ps2 Collection


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These are the games I have so far: Ico, Gran turismo 4, Katamari Damacy, Tekken 5, Gradius V, DQ8, God Of War, Devil May Cry 3, MGS 3 and Rez. So comeone guys, list me do the classic's on the PS2. Imports welcome. Oh yeah, I also have a xbox and a GC so looking for exclusives on the ps2 only. So dont mention gta as I have it on the xbox.

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Fantavision, parappa the rapper 2, ace combat 4/5, klonoa 2, zone of the ender 1/2.

Shadow of the collossus soon..

Seconded for Fantavision. I picked up a 2nd handcopy in Game for £4.99. It's great. Buzz is a laugh (with enough people), as are Time Crisis 2 and Crazy Taxi.

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Oh yeah, I also have a xbox and a GC so looking for exclusives on the ps2 only.

Not always guarenteed to be a better version on those platforms though :angry:

You need (trying to avoid those that have already been posted):

At least one Armored Core game, which entitles you to partake in mecha discussion.

Richard Burns Rally as it is one of the best rallying games I've played.

Sega Rally as the definitive arcade racer.

Disgaea, or one of Koei/Nippon Ichi's many other SRPGs. Disgaea is perhaps the best SRPG I have ever played.

Ridge Racer V

GTA:San Andreas. And while you said GTA, I assume GTA3/VC. SA progresses the franchise nicely, sufficiently different enough to warrant a purchase.


Shutokou Battle 01

Wanda to Kyozou :D

You already have some blinding games though, I hope you finish those before getting anything else :P

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Shadow of the Colossus is a must.

Kingdom Hearts is brillaint also (KH2 is out in the US in March).

Okami is also out soon (end of the month?) in the US.

Sly Cooper 1-3 are well worth your time and money. Best platforming on the PS2.

There's shitloads of PS2 exculsive RPGs worth playing too, depends whether you are interested in them though.

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I'd recommend: Kaido Racer, GT4, Deus Ex (if you dont have it on PC), Shin Megami Tensei, Breath of Fire: DQ, Ace Combat 4/5, Bujingai, Echo Night: Beyond, Katamari Damacy, Disgaea, Xenosaga 1/2, Dragon Quest VIII, Dynasty Tactics, Kessen III, R-Type Final, Espgaluda, Homura, Psyvariar, Guitar Hero, Frequency, both Maximo's, some Time Crisis, a little MGS or maybe Final Fantasy ?

If not there's G1 Jockey3, Okage Shadow King, Skygunner, Ring of Red, Macross: SDF, Earth Defense Force 2 (maybe hold on for a 360 version though), TXR 0, DoDonPachi DOJ, Hot Shots Golf, meh, thats all I can think of right now.

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Some decent PS2 exclusives.

Devil May Cry (but only the NTSC version, avoid the PAL travesty at all costs. Get Devil May Cry 3 if you can't play the NTSC original)

Champions of Norrath (Best use of the Dark Alliance game engine.)

Katamari Damacy (Sequel's good too!)

Fantavision (if you like fast puzzle games)


Shadow of Colossus

Rez (not exclusive but you might not have a DC)

ZOE2 (very hard to get hold of these days. A bit of an acquired taste.)

Gran Turismo 4

Maximo vs Army of Zin (neglected platform goodness)

Eye Toy Play 2 (best of the Eye Toy games by a long way.)

Singstar Party (I have all four Singstars, you can never have enough songs)

Metal Gear Solid 3

Gradius V (bloody hard)

Time Crisis 3 (best lightgun action going.)

Ace Combat 5

Onimusha Trilogy (especially the 2nd one.)

Jak Trilogy (I like Jak2 the best.)

Racket & Clank 3

Gregory Horror Show

God of War

WRC 5 (much better than Colin McRae)

Silent Hill 2 or 3 (1 is still the best of the series.)

Project Zero 2

Ring of Red (Turn based Mecha strategy title.)

Sly Raccoon 3

Sky Gunner

Disgaea (Traditional Japanese turn based RPG)


Amplitude (Sequel to above.)

Gitaroo Man

Haunting Ground

Shadow of Rome


Dragon Quest VIII (uber-traditional Japanese RPG)

Kingdom Hearts 2 (Disney and Square team-up for superior sequel)

FlipNic (Obscure take on pinball, an acquired taste.)

Earth Defense Force 2

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