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Never Mind The Buzzcocks

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Each episode of the new series of BBC TWO's Never Mind the Buzzcocks will be hosted by a different celebrity music buff from the world of music and entertainment. Regular host Mark Lamarr is taking a well-earned break from presenting the show after ten years.

The line up of guest presenters taking hold of the reigns and in charge of the banter includes Jonathan Ross, Jeremy Clarkson, Dale Winton, Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs, Huey Morgan of The Fun Lovin' Criminals, Simon Amstell and Lauren Laverne.

Each week the guest presenter will have to fine-tune their knowledge of music and mastery of mayhem, in order to keep check on regular team captains Bill Bailey and Phill Jupitus. The show has a satirical edge that proves the world of pop should never be taken too seriously.

Guests this series joining team captains Bailey and Jupitus include: Kenzie (Friday Hill); Anthony Costa (formerly of Blue); Alan Carr (The Friday Night Project); Colin Murray (Radio 1 and Five Live); Charlie Simpson (formerly of Busted); Tom Fletcher (McFly); and Fiona Phillips (GMTV).

With the show's reputation for the unpredictable, guests each week are primed for the occasional embarrassment and harmless ribbing.

The series will return to BBC TWO this Spring.

So, in order:

Jonathan Ross - who does everything.

Jeremy Clarkson - who will, as usual, say all modern music is rubbish.

Dale Winton - who shouldn't be in this list.

Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs - hmm.

Huey Morgan of The Fun Lovin' Criminals - who has nothing better to do.

Simon Amstell and Lauren Laverne - who could both be quite good at it.

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Dale's been doing that Radio 2 oldies chart show thing for ages, he's more than qualified. Ditto Jonathan Ross, even if he is seemingly everywhere.

Clarkson probably does like some music, but not recent stuff. Which isn't surprising for anyone of his age, really.

Huey is a funny bloke with a shiteload of rich musical influences from all over the place, I don't know who Simon Amstel and Lauren Laverne are, and the Kaiser Chief guy can't possibly expect us to believe he's anything but a shit-eating hipster twatbag. I'm unlikely to ever watch the series anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter either way. :lol:

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Aise from Lauren Laverne, and possibly Huey, the others will be shite. The only good thig is people might realise how much mark lamarr actually knows about music.

Which is a lot, as proved by his many, varied and actually more enjoyable than the Buzzcocks music shows on radio 2....

And yes, Amstell is a twat....his style of presenting (being an inept fool), was a nice change for about 10 mintues on Sunday. After that it's just irritating.

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Clarkson should be good :)

Phill Jupitus commented on the Clarkson this morning and mentioned what a funny and witty bloke he is. When he introduced some bloke from Blue, he started with... "Who are you??" followed by "Blue? Never heard of it!" like some kind of ranting Uncle. Except an Uncle who puts rockets on the back of Mini Coopers and launches them off ski ramps. He should be good in it - also Huey should be good too, he was funny when he was a guest.

Ross will be good too, though only because he's had so much bloody practice.

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All of them have to be better than fucking Lamarr though. He has to be the biggest tit on TV.

I quite like (especially on the radio) Lamarr, his slightly aggressive TV host persona can grow a bit tiresome after a time, but it sits well with the less acidic ramblings of Bailey and Jupitus. The show will miss him.

Anyway, Never Mind The Buzzcocks is usually worth a watch, so I'll stick with it to see how things turns out. The only major problem I've got with the list of presenters is the inclusion of Ricky Wilson, I really don't like the sound of that.

Actually, I'm not too sure about Clarkson either, no doubt he'll just do the obvious 'grumpy old man' act.

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I once watched an episode of this live.

Lamaar was a real idiot - when the audience didn't laugh at 3 of his jokes in a row he went into a sulk. He rushed through the rest of the show making all the guests feel uncomfortable by trying to shut them up every time they spoke with unfunny putdowns.

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lamarr was a legend on shooting stars and a prize cock ever since. who'l give him a home now? he must of been coked up for years to become such a wanker.

he did a good room 101 aswell. shame. It all changed when his hair changed. I reckon mark lamarr is dead. We'v been watching his brother 'norris' for years.

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I've been about 3 times with Mark Lamarr hosting it, and he really is a foul mouthed cunt! I'm amazed they can make a 30 minute show with the amount they need to cut out.

The best one was the week Pete Townshend was caught noncing - absolutely fantastic libelous filth coming from lamarr then. And even a bit from Phil Jupitus.

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That'll teach me for not checking imdb before making wild claims I have no basis for.

My statement was from memory but I backed it up AFTER your wild claim.

I recall watching TTIAO and then Buzzcocks in a fairly short timeframe.

Who cares, HIGNFY preceeds them both (and is the funniest).

Matter of opinion on the funniest but yeah, similar format. The two shows to which I refer are blatantly similar though.

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