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Completing Super Mario World?


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one of my mates just mentioned that it is possible to complete super mario world in 13 levels, because there are short-cuts. I dont remember this being the case....anyone of you guys know the score??....

....hardcore....rhymes so good I deserve an encore!

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anyone wana expand the answer?

can't work out from the first boss where to get to star??

IIRC, there's a keyhole exit in the first level after the first boss - that will open a level in the lake which also has a keyhole exit, which leads to the ghost house, which has a keyhole exit which leads to Star Road.

All or any part of this may be incorrect - go look at gamefaqs or somewhere like that :D

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hey Liquid Myth, bizarre ones are the best and most interesting dude :-)

cheers guys....will check it out...

anyone else fancy adding to this, feel free......should have called the topic Super Mario World Uncovered.....or something...

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sithlordx you really like the game huh? lol.

right, sod it, just going to setup the snes now and find out just how many it does take...I've read gamerfaq, and their saying 11, but I cant seem to think straight. it seems bollox....but we shall see. :-)

if I'm not back in 20minutes........just wait longer......will keep you guys posted :-)

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right, sod it, just going to setup the snes now and find out just how many it does take...I've read gamerfaq, and their saying 11, but I cant seem to think straight.  it seems bollox....but we shall see. :-)
It's TRUFAX, man. I suppose it's technically 12 levels to completion, but 11 levels to the final boss, which is the figure that shows up on your save file.

World 1 - Normal.


World 2 - No more normal exits now. Secret exits all the way.


Star World - Secret exits 1 to 4.


Takes you to: World 7 - Front Door.


It's Donut Plains 1 and Star Road 4 that're problems as you don't visit any switch palaces and need to 'cheat.'

DP1 is piss easy, really. Just keep a Yoshi, bounce off the smiley block/an enemy and fling yourself off Yoshi and up to the secret exit.

SR4 is a bit trickier. Since you haven't activated that big string of coloured blocks to walk on you'll need to fly a Yoshi over instead. As you've got to pop a '?' block to get the key you'll need either a normal Yoshi + unswallowed blue shell, or the blue Yoshi from Star World 2 + more convenient brown shell + a cape to smash the block. Probably a lot safer with the blue yoshi and cape, if you can keep them, as that way you can use one of the brown shells directly above the secret exit.

The GBA port saves on completion but the SNES version doesn't, so you'll need to backtrack to the Ghost House before fighting the boss.

For anyone playing in an emulator, here's the save from my xbox: All 96 exits, the 11 level route, and an empty slot.

Edit: What's the 13 level route?

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Its about the best game ever made tho


YES. this is so true.

like the way you posted thrice for emphasis :-)

slight aside - the way people call this a platform game - kinda demeans it to the realms of zool. thinking about miyamoto's use of metaphor and subliminal shit - the platforms being a means to end, a tool to help you explore the game and your ideas in it, SMW is probably the best adventure game ever.

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I've lost count of the times i've played an dcompleted this with 96 levels on all three slots. Proof of playability and fun over fancy dan graphics and over complictaed levels.

Tubular is so hard.

Dang Straight. I completed all 96 levels on the Snes but was never able to do that level the way it was meant to be done with the P Balloons & used a Blue Yoshi instead.

Did it in about 4 tries on the GBA version though.

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I wish I had a video camera when I was at uni. Me and a friend had a SNES each, and a copy of SMW each. We'd race each other to complete it. I've done the 11 level route in about 11 minutes, and he managed 9 minutes-and-some-seconds. Both of which beat the "world record". We had plenty of witnesses, but no actual recording.

Of course, I can't get under 15 minutes these days :/

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Anyone find level 97? <_<

As in the testlevel or whatever it was? I believe its only accessible in emulators? If i remember it was a single screen with lots of coins and a block you can hit to get different stuff.. dont think you can access during the game.

And u need to use a glitch do you? ill have to look into that.

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