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Worst Boxart Ever

Max M

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To the OP: http://www.phoenixgamesgroup.com/de/games/deadeyejim.html

Doesn't look like there are any screens for it at all :)

Phoenix Games simply have the worst box art ever though. Their kids games are the fucking worst, they're just plain wrong - even the blurbs on the back of those boxes are ill-conceived (or perhaps poorly translated) and would offend most kids interlect.

For example:




How did that goat get up there? Why is herKules affraid of it? (it appear's the name had to be changed due to the Ancient Greek God's Lawyer's suing for sacrilege)

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How did that goat get up there? Why is herKules affraid of it?

Well it's not a goat, it's called the goldhaired fleece, and it was a mythical treasure (a great history is tied with it), and Hercules had nothing fuck to do with it, it belongs to one of Jason's quest (another greek mythical hero).

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