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I've been playing a little bit of low limit ($1/2) 6 Max games, with no aids (so no PA HUD or anything) and, I have to say, it's fucking ridiculous. People will raise A5o UTG (and then cap and call down with nothing!!!), play 62s in EP, etc...

Basically, these fish put free money into the pot time and again. Yes, they'll beat you with those hands sometimes, they'll call down with bottom pair, etc, but basically, anyone genuinely reasonable at poker will have a massive edge in these low limit games.

I urge you to try out these games. Be very (selectively) aggressive (get ready to raise the likes of 88 UTG), yet consider the games as the same as a Full Ring table but the first four people have folded. Don't be stupid, and enjoy LAGging it up, large style.

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Okay, time to delve a little deeper into this. You can find tough tables - there are plenty of people who play solid poker at Full Ring who also play short handed. You have to make sure you can idenify who is who, and adapt as necessary.

If a solid TAG (who more than likely doesn't play quite enough hands at the shorthanded tables) raises you, you know you're going to need something. Doesn't mean you shouldn't reraise, say, 99, but you have to respect the appropriate people. And, of course, idiots can also have monsters.

Example from last night: there was a maniac at one table I was playing at last night who was playing about 80% of his hands and raising about 35% of them. He raised in early position and I called with K5s in the small blind. This was a guy who was mouthing off, calling people idiots, getting lucky hitting runner runner straights and "demanding respect" and something about killing me and asking where I lived. Total idiot. Anyway, flop came KK5, I flat called his flop bet, then we capped both turn and river - he runner runnered the straight and was all "HAHAHA I HAVE YOU". Except he didn't. He left the table after that hand but he's on my buddy list now.

ALSO, please bear in mind that variance is far higher at these short handed games (I was a loser last night). Long term though, the better poker players prefer short handed games for good reason - winnings are better over the long term. Not that I'm one of those yet, but I'd like to be.

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Oi! It all makes sense.

We need a glossary:

UTG: Under the Gun (first to act in front to the left of blinds)

EP: early position

MP: middle position

LP: late position

TAG: Tight Aggressive player

LAG: Loose Aggressive player

Fish: Loose Passive player

Maniac: someone who plays a ridiculous number of hands (usually 70%+). Usually raises a lot as well.

Runner runner: getting two cards in a row which help you make a stronger hand. For example, if you hold 72, the flop comes K87, leaving you with one pair, the turn is a 2, leaving you with 2 pair, and the river a 7, meaning you runner runnered a full house. Happens a fair bit with backdoor flush draws (where someone holds two of one suit in their hand and their is one of their suit on the flop, with an additional two coming on the turn and river).

6 Max: 6 people maximum at the table

Full Ring (FR): up to 10 people at the table

hmmmmmm... in the first post: A5o means he holds Ace, Five offsuit, while 62s means six, two suited.

And so on.

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