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The white around the windows looks a bit too clean/white. If the frames are wooden, then maybe some kind of paint-stripping effect would help


maybe a black cloud filter on the texture could add some general grime similar to this pic.


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Only three things id wana change. 1 lighting and sea. I cant tell which is which as the sea looks like the sky because its so perfect, some disortion or transparancy would fix that!

Textures, some look far too sharp and clean and over saturated. Its one thing ive had to learn (and it is a difficult thing to learn) is that objects are never ever clean. It also means the textures look a little flat.

Also i personally cant tell if you are going for high detail or not, as some objects have lots of polygons, whilst others do not and the textures (if this is meant to be a highly detailed scene) could do with some bump mapping or other SUBTLE effects.

Apart from them comments i think its brilliant! A job well done!

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I was only texturing the landscape yesterday, and almost got finished. I chucked some dreamscape effects on (sea, sky and sun effects) into the scene. the results in a way are great, but the lighting does over saturate the textures resulting in them looking as you say flat.

I'm gonna have another long haul on it today, see if i can improve the effects, especially the sea as any light hitting it means it turns pure white :lol:

Is that ... a Delorean?

gotta keep the delorean tradition on here going some how :wub:

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Just got a quick render of a Raven I'm using in my next animation that I modelled today. I'd like it to be better, but deadlines are rushing in and it's an animation module, as opposed to a modelling one, so it's a bit of a rush job.


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they were supposed to get to the uni for 11, they got in at 2, and had to rush through everyone, does'nt show good signs that they can organise themselves properly imo

I completed my BA games design last year, what course were you on?

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Yeah, texturing is a massive arse. I've only just figured out that it's a good idea to UV unwrap as I model now. Well, more on stuff that's going to be cloned an awful lot. For example, if I model a fence post, before I duplicate it and perfectly place it absolutely everywhere, I unwrap it first. It's pretty stare in your face obvious really, but i'd always get carried away with modeling i'd never think of these things, and i'd end up having to replace all the fence posts at a later stage causing much tedium, and costing precious time.

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The texturing needs improving for the saltburn project, luckerly I've got time to do something about it, as well as modelling some extra stuff.

I'm doing a larger project this summer fortunately with Gabby Kent (texture expert), and guess what I'm doing "BORO!, welcome to hell", be easy to get textures. I want to model some of the area and turn it into a warzone. And as their knocking down some of boro in the near future, I'm in the right place

just hope no chavs nick my camera :D

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lol definately

mine was a bit hit and miss in places. The two larger buildings really look the part. Good idea to use window textures for the flats.

I think I can model pretty well, codemasters said if i improve my texture skills then I'm up for a job. So fortunately I think my project this summer is really gonna be textures first, modelling second.

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