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I don't think I made it into rollmuck. I joined up with Cosmic Guru's club and soon after got a rather cryptic message -


I don't understand. :) I don't think I've got a single successful message from anyone yet regarding car clubs and the like. On the other hand, I'm continuing to enjoy the single player aspect and the vehicle delivery missions are strangely both relaxing and challenging. It's great just to drive around the island seeing the sights, especially this one-


Whoaa! Perfect gets you a lot more dosh too, which I've just used to get a nice new pad. I don't care at the moment that the online is still fucked, the single player aspect is great! I'm doing some very cool things in my Sagaris now too, handles like a dream but not half as much as the Koenigsegg. :)

Also very cool that the game hasn't frozen up on me once yet.

You are in, but I agree its a bit cumbersome. It seems that the club founder has to invite folk from their friends list and then if the friend accepts, the founder has to go to their house, read the news and confirm.

anyone care to recommend me a good class-a car? got $500,000 in the bank, but don't want to buy a donkey

Enzo Ferrari for me - it seems easier to control than some others and with a couple of tune ups, very lively indeed. I'm hoping it will see me through the millionaires challenge in the next day or two.

So how does the multiplayer work on this? Could I for instance drive with someone from my friends list in the game and just go driving around the island while we chat?

In theory, using the filtering system. In practice this seems very difficult to achieve and the best thing seems to be to join a club, where members can meet up and go race or compete against other clubs.

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If you liked just cruising around in GTA, listening to tunes, checking out the views, delivering cars around (as I did), then you'll love this. I only got is yesterday, though.

Well, it sounds like a potential winner and I've got some trade-ins, cheers. In my weaker moments I did used to challenge myself to get a car from one side of San Andreas to the other in mint condition, so it's probably ideal for me.

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I had problems with my connection at home last night so had to reluctantly play off line. what surprised me was how much fun this still was. Had a great "cross the island" car delivery challenge that I just missed out on a perfect status with. Also played a great hitchhiker stage that while I dind't complete was great fun.

What really impressed last night was the variety of racing. I've spent most time in street races near my flat, model drops offs and the odd speed challenge. Then I have this hitchhiker challenge across the island and I get onto the highway and suddenly the game feels like Outrun \ Ridge Racer. Twisting the back end round long sweeping curves, dodging traffic while keeping the accelator right down. The deliver cars \ people missions force you to play the game completely differently which really helps the variety

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I paid £49.99 for it from Game yesterday (well, £47.49 thanks to some reward credit) and I feel its well worth that.

I could have saved money, but im lazy, impatient and after reading this entire thread yesterday morning I wanted it right away

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hold down the right shoulder button. the change camera button


Haven't had much of a chance to play, picked it up from Tesco yesterday and only got to play for about 30mins but it must be said that the handling is a world away from the demo, much much nicer.

It's already been said before but it really is quite overwhelming at first. For me it's probably lucky that the online is working properly as I think my head would probably explode with all the possibilities! :(

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Oh, dear. Do I hear the words "time limits" being mentioned in that last sentence ?

There are some model and hitchhiker missions which have time limits but they tend to be short - think Crazy Taxi. The longer missions where you have to deliver cars have no limits and you can just focus on driving well.

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Had a first go at the Millionaires Challenge (124 miles in 60 mins, mostly smaller coastal roads) this afternoon in the Enzo. Missed silver by about 20 seconds and gold by 2 minutes 20 seconds, largely attributable to a real mix up near the end in a built up area - I managed to be the in the wrong carriageway of a duel carriageway in very heavy traffic which proved almost impossible without multiple collisions. Garr :o

The other irritation is that checkpoints are not evenly spaced - they seem to vary from around 2 miles to 8 miles so you cant easily pace yourself. Still its definately doable.

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So, the full game is here and it's excellent.

The demos really don't do it justice.

I started off by buying an Alfa GT 3.2 V6 24v, which seems to go nicely enough, though it pales in comparison to the Elise I rented when I first got off the plane.

After earning some money I found a classic cars showroom by accident - was looking for a race - and fell in love with a Chevrolet Camaro Z-28. It's gorgeous and the engine sound is perfect. It's relatively slow and a tad undriveable, but I love it to bits anyway.

And I got invited to Club Cosmic and accepted. Yay.

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