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Well, I almost forgot.


I remember owning a C64 at the time and then seeing the Sega arcade version in a pub/restaurant while on holiday in Belgium or France. I was really impressed and annoyed my parents long enough to get some money to play it.

It looked like this:


And then I later got a copy for my C64 which looked like this:



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Shenmue was an interesting project, but its fundementally flawed and hideously overated. A decent enough game which has been hyped beyond belief , which makes it a bit of a let down. I've gone back to the sequal after 3 1/2 years, and it has the same issues. A good game, but not a classic or the best thing sega has ever done.

it's difficult to pick out Sega's best work as there is just so much and it covers a broad range - Hardware, Home software, Arcades, peripherals - even Anime merchandise! While their home market had various issues, their contribution to the industry is as big as nintendo's

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Even though this thread has a beginning straight from hell, and should be absolute shit, I'm actually quite enjoying it.

Panzer Dragoon Orta was pretty neat as well, except for the shitty bossfights.

The boss fights were GRAND.

I'm of the opinion that Panzer Dragoon is right up there among Sega's greatest moments, but for me, there can be only one:



None better.

That said, my favourite Sega games are Thunder Blade and DAAAAAAAAYYEEEEEEE-TO-NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Man, I love Thunder Blade. People choose to heap praise upon classics like After Burner, Outrun, and Space Harrier, forgetting just how great Thunder Blade was.

Fucking have some of this:




Thunder Blade is the best arcade game ever. Well, after DAAAAAAAAYYEEEEEEE-TO-NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, anyway.

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So much to choose from.

Outrun, After Burner and Shinobi; Fantasy Zone, Alex Kidd, Castle of Illusion on the Master System; wild creativity in the arcades - Rad Mobile, Laser Ghost, Spider-Man, VIRTUA RACING...

Late 1991-1993 on the MD, when it went from solid coinop conversions to increasingly amazing original games - Streets of Rage 2; then the Saturn and coinop divisions at the top of their game in the mid-90s, Virtua Cop, Sega Rally, Daytona, Virtua Fighter, Virtual On, HOTD, too many to list...

Then the DC, which was really just Virtua Tennis, Soul Calibur and Crazy Taxi for me - personally I think the 'wild experiments' misfired more often than not compared to the craftsmanship of the Saturn games, but they were still hugely creative.

And finally the modern era, where things like VF5, PSU and Yakuza still have the ability to capture the imagination and make you appreciate how much love and skill developers can pour into games when placed in an environment where these qualities are taken seriously.

In a nutshell, Sega make games that you can't imagine anybody else trying to make.


It's a bit weird seeing people suggest things like Rez and JSRF. They're perfectly good titles, but pale shadows of Sega's finest moments. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

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Why do so many people prefer Panzer Dragoon Orta above Panzer Dragoon Saga??

What a rubbish thing to say. They are completely different genres so no wonder people prefer one over the other and vice-versa.

Best Sega game? Ahh, the recent Top 100 proves useful (permanent reference point for me there).

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It's a bit weird seeing people suggest things like Rez and JSRF. They're perfectly good titles, but pale shadows of Sega's finest moments.

It's probably because they vividly reflect the experimental side of Sega, a trait you are keen to note in your post.

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can we all agree Sega is great?

I think we can.

Whilst their output over the past few years has fallen ("fallen? It's jumped off a cliff, more like!" some might say), I reckon that has seemingly coincided with them having no console of their own and now concentrating on becoming a very successful business. But their output right up to the death of the Dreamcast was dynamite stuff; I don't get how people can say 'they're inferior to Nintendo'. To me, Nintendo's main focus over the last 10 years or so has been adventure games, whilst Sega's focus has been on arcade-style games (which I reckon is far harder to create if you want short, snappy burst-type games which you can come back to over and over again).

I prefer Sega over Nintendo for their general 'style' of game - you get as much out of the games as you put into. However, I feel you've got to commit yourself to Nintendo games for a while before you feel you're getting any reward back - they may end up consuming more time, may evoke more emotions, but Sega games have more funs per second than most others. B)

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:lol: NiGHTS and/or Christmas NiGHTS ;)

In fact, the lithium battery in my Saturn gave up two weeks ago, and this thread may just make me go out and get it sorted today.

Damn this forum for its constant 'making me spend' skills.

And thankyou. :wub:

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There are many great moments but really...

PSO by far. I could ramble about the pioneering (hoho) aspect of an online console RPG, the wonderful translation system breaking down barriers, the intense feeling of cameraderie and focused teamwork, the thrill of the boss fights, the complexity of Challenge Mode and the unique and beautiful atmosphere created by the sights and sounds... but I won't.

I'll just say it's the best game I ever played, and five years on I still love it dearly.

..that just about sums it up. I could spend all day messing around with the character creation screen and chilling to its wonderful tune alone.

S-Rank Mofo to the bitter end, y'all.

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