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You realise those two statements contradict each other, don't you? <_<

ok... in that case bar JSR they have the most halfassed record going. The only people that rate Sega are the loser kids that ended up with the MD cos they couldnt wait for the SNES ;)

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ok... in that case bar JSR they have the most halfassed record going. The only people that rate Sega are the loser kids that ended up with the MD cos they couldnt wait for the SNES <_<

Here you go


You know what to do


Might i suggest him


Now leave us in peace while we have a sega love in

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The Dreamcast + just about every Dreamcast game that Sega made - look back at the awards issue of Edge just after PSO was released I think Sega took 8 of th awards and deserved it too. Great games company that's gone to the dogs a bit now which is a shame, hopefully they will return to form!

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If i only had the money/space for all three i'd die a happy man

what beautiful, glorious days

when the skies in games were blue as were the skies in real life funnily enough.

people were happier then (something to do with property prices too?) and played games side by side, not like now where you are practically forced to play others via xbox live!

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I must admit that when I think of the best of SEGA I think back to the arcades in the 80's. Games like Outrun, Afterburner, Space Harrier and Super Hang-On will always remind me of great times and simple but addictive gaming.

That probably says more about me than what SEGA have done since as the only SEGA games that really captured my attention in the last few years have been Crazy Taxi and Outrun2, both simple acrade games but totally addictive.

I do enjoy the 2D Sonic games right enought, but Sonic in 3D is just wrong. I also count Shenmue as one of my worst gaming experiences too, so I'll be public enemy number one around here with a few folk due to that.

Absolutely!! This thread didn't ask "what great games have Sega developed \ produced, please list your personal favorites" its about greatest achievement and that’s got to be in their Arcade Machines.

Spending Saturday afternoons in an arcade wouldn't have been half as memorable if it wasn't for the Sega machines. Space harrier, Outrun, Afterburner, G-Loc, Super Manaco Grand Prix, Daytona and Sega Rally spring to mind instantly as kings of the arcade. Particularly the moving sit down machines. Playing the Sega games was always a treat cos often they were a pound a go due to the fact they were fairground ride as much as Arcade machine.

Daytona and Sega Rally have to be the crowning achievements because god knows how many years after their release they still represent some of the best ways to waste your change in an Arcade machine today. 8 player Daytona with your mates can't be beat.

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PSO by far. I could ramble about the pioneering (hoho) aspect of an online console RPG, the wonderful translation system breaking down barriers, the intense feeling of cameraderie and focused teamwork, the thrill of the boss fights, the complexity of Challenge Mode and the unique and beautiful atmosphere created by the sights and sounds... but I won't.

I'll just say it's the best game I ever played, and five years on I still love it dearly.

I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly. My 6 months on Ragol was an obsession that frequently resulted in 3am playing sessions on college days, and a whole host of memorable "Someone cast Resta on m... HOLY SHIT guys, it's morning! the sun's coming up!" moments on weekends and holidays.

Easily in my top five all time gaming memories. And by far and away Sega's biggest contribution of the Dreamcast era. Shenmue II, i would argue, has stood the test of time with far more grace, but what Sonic Team did for the online console RPG with Phantasy Star Online was both immense and immeasurable.


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