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Big Brother 7


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wtf happened, why did pete say he was going to vote ashleen and then change his mind? I was too busy jumping for joy after I'd calculated that petes vote would seal it for her to hear what he said.


The only one i wouldnt have put back in out of that lot is lea, she's going to bring down the whole mood.

but I have no idea what they are trying to get back at her for.

heres an example.. sucking glyns arse all week to make sure he didnt vote for her.

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cmon now, lets be honest. Would we REALLY miss Imogen if she went?

Yes cos Im in :) and I dont know why :ph34r:

This show has really ruined my week, not only do we have to put up with the stupidest idea ever made in the shows history by bringing these morons back, I had to sit MID WEEK with Davina F&*^%ing McCall gurning at me for an hour. FU BB

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It was quite odd really, Davina kept saying that ALL the proceeds were going to charity but when the ticker came up it kept saying that just over half from texts and 1/3 of landline profits were going to charity.

So now its going to be a con? I hope they get screwed over for this shambles. Its a damn right disgrace.

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I'm glad I watched the Arsenal match instead of this because it sounds like it would have driven me into a murderess rage. I can't believe those four horrible fucks are back. I just hope when the rest of the house has to vote one of 'em back they cop on to how much of a dead cert nikki is to win and they won't dare vote for her. I would just hate to see her in double time, trying to up gurning and moaning thinking the public will love it, which I'm sure they will.

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