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Half Life 2: Episode 1


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just finished this - had a few crashes identical to those described in this thread. No point going on about it anymore other than it seems to be affecting more people than not - and Valve don't do anything about it.

Other than that, really enjoyed it - although it didn't really move things along that much. Like HL2, even for an 'episode' there still seemed like quite a bit of filler. It started of brilliantly and took quite a dip in the middle - which led me to leaving it for a number of months, but got back to it the other day and enjoyed played through to the end - the final set piece was great fun. Looking forward to episode 2, but hope Valve sort this sound freezing/stuttering/locking thing.

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Doubt I'll ever finish this now. It can't be healthy powering down my PC every ten minutes.

Well, I finished it. There wasn't long left, and I turned down some of the graphics settings.

I bet that *explosion* at the end would have looked nicer with HDR, though. :unsure:

Overall, a bit underwhelming. Too much retreading old ground. The pace is good and steady and it doesn't drag, but it doesn't have many memorable moments either.

On the basis of the teaser, I think Episode 2 could be something a bit more special. I just hope it runs without freezing every five minutes.

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Anyone else getting stop-motion (i.e. uninterpolated) character movement since the last update of Episode 1? It's really annoying me. It's most obvious when Dog picks you up at the start and you jump from point to point as you're lifted up.

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i have the same problem, reading your post and view the interpolation, i have review the commands related and this is the solution.

if i change the cl_updaterate to 101 i have the error, but in default 20 run smooth

you can force the characters interpolation with cl_interp_npcs 0.1

but the metallic doors and others motion objets continue without interpolation

the best solution is:

cl_interpolate 1

cl_interp 0.1 = cl_interp_ratio 2 / cl_updaterate 20 (the default settings)

to force interpolation in all, cl_updaterate 101 is only for multiplayer.

thank you for giving me the track "interpolation" :wub:

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