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We don't need them! It's a stunningly scripted and acted HBO drama with a wonderful ensemble cast about a way of life in a certain city in America, watched by a grand total of 2 people on Rllmuk and every season is better than the last. It also has a brilliant intro song. Why would the forum have an interest in a show with that kind of set-up.

It's bound to get the best drama nod at next year's Golden Globes if it continues like this anyway, then everyone will want to be in the thread and we'll need 8pm spoiler warnings and there'll be complaints about people saying "I've seen this and it's good but it's not as good as Big Love is it?" in response to a post about any exciting new show that crops up. We don't want that.

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The LA Times quite like it as well:

If there's a better written, better acted, more originally conceived show on television, I defy you to name it. Sure, virtually every character is a polygamist, but cable TV is all about exploring the humanity of folks you might not want to invite to dinner. Serial killers, pot moms, corrupt cops and mobsters of all variety get their fair share of nominations and wins while "Big Love" thus far has gone without.


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OMG last nights episode was AMAZING! :lol: Not sure if it was as good as last weeks but it was still pretty brilliant all the same.

I'm calling it. Best show currently on tv. Easily.


as a blonde

, though. :angry: Hopefully it won't last.

Chloe Sevigny really has been outstanding this season.

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I hadn't even noticed this thread, so thought I come in and spread some big love.

I felt the last episode rushed through

the whole marriage thing.

Doesn't feel like there is a bigger plot at the moment, although I'm guessing its building up to something?

Nikki saying

margee had gone blonde to be like her


Yours Sincerely


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Yeah, the marriage felt very rushed through. Nikki this season continues to be amazing, I didn't even notice what she did in the courthouse at first. Roman needs to go down, lots. I guess that will be the focus of the season, particularly given the developments with Alfie over the last two weeks.

Also, Margee looks even hotter as a blonde I think. I loved the Junoesque adoption scenes this week as well.

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Odd episode this week. I liked it, though.

Had a great soundtrack as well. It seems to be leading towards Bill having a crisis of faith and the possibilty that Nikki might do the dirty could cause some fireworks. First episode to focus mainly on the family.

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I just waiting for the

sex scene with Nikki and her boss, with her saying "oh, Mr Henry".

I'm hoping there will be some more of Roman next week as I'd like to see that part of the story move along a bit.

They seem to be explaining a bit more about the Mormon religion, and its beginnings. I think the writers spent a lot of time researching and seem to be quite even handed.

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Absolutely gripping stuff this week. I think Nikki's affair is inevitable and the Ben/Margie stuff is very interesting. What an incredible turn from Bill this week though. He's taken for granted in his role but that was exceptional acting. So obsessed with being a good leader of the family that he is really letting them down as a husband and father. I was worried about what they were going to do what with getting the trial out of the way so soon but these family issues have been getting built up expertly. The stuff with Nikki and Sarah is fantastic as well. In fact across the entire show now the relationships between each of the individual major characters is fascinating in a way that I don't think I have seen since The Sopranos. They have worked hard to build them up over the course of the last season and it's really paying off for them.

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OMG this weeks episode was fucking amazing. :( I can't believe how good this show is on a consistant basis. Chloe Sevigny knocked it out of the park yet again. I just love Nikki.

Poor Kathy, though. ;)

I wish the writers would stop fucking around with Sarah, though. Last season she clearly had no interest in being a Mormon, now she thinks God killed her child as punishment? WTF?

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