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Konami Press Conference


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4:43 Ah, Silent Hill. Riding on the publicity of the movie, no doubt. Random scenes of unsettling monsters, cracked mirrors, and dirty hallways. Yep, definitely Silent Hill. This dude is driving a big truck. Okay, it's Silent Hill: Origins for the PSP. Makes sense.

More info: you're playing a trucker named Travis O'Grady who's lost in Silent Hill. As the name implies, it's a prequel that goes back to the beginning of the series, and you'll run into characters from the later games. "The new Silent Hill: It's older than you think."

No SH 5 love. -_-

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Graphics whore etc etc, get over it, blah blah.

Nah, seriously, the game is badly dated beyond it's graphics, anyway, even if you can get past the pixelation pretty quick. Given the cult nature of the franchise I can't see them blowing £5mil doing an update.

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5:44 Oh man, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. I've been waiting for a real MGS on the PSP since the system came out. Trailer starts with scenes of the Boss from Snake Eater. Portable Ops is set in 1970, six years after that game. You're playing as Big Boss, who's defected from the Fox unit but has been charged with treason. You have to disarm the Fox members leading the resistance, and take out the, uh, ultimate enemy. Metal Gear?

All the characters you'd expect from Snake Eater are in here. It's talking about building a team of characters? Quick menu shows someting about recruiting Eva and Ocelot. "Recruit members and create an online Wi-Fi squadron." Must be the multiplayer mode. The graphics in this look really exceptional for a PSP game--nearly up there with the PS2.

"What's it going to be? Loyalty to your country, or to yourself?"

"The tragedy of Big Boss. The missing link before the rise of Outer Heaven. Commence the inauguration of Foxhound."

I am so stupid for this series. Peyton: "Looks pretty cool, huh?" Rub it in. Okay, this is "set within the MGS lineage," so it's official canon. This further sets up the very first Metal Gear...looks sort of like Big Boss's fall from grace.


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5:49 Oh hell, it's the real MGS4 trailer, the one they "really wanted us to see." Stay tuned!

Col. Campbell is talking about the Manhattan incident of MGS2. The United States has imported too much military technology and is now paying the price. This is the voiceover from last week's Kojima podcast. Chilling talk of Outer Heaven.

Now it's the excerpt from yesterday's Sony conference. If you haven't watched it yet, DO SO. Okay, no, there's more to this. Campbell talks of a man trying to create the world envisioned by Big Boss. Footage of one of those bio-mech Metal Gears rampaging through a city street. Old Snake in a cemetary, saluting a grave. Shades of Big Boss. Voiceover, talk of nanomachine-controlled soldiers who can't point their guns at "clients." Otacon lands in the graveyard in a chopper, brings Snake on board to meet a client, Roy Campbell. Says "we've found him" in the Middle East. These cutscenes look utterly incredible. They must be real-time, because the frame rate is not consistent.

"Liquid has made his move." But which Liquid?

Naomi telling Snake a regular man would have dropped dead by now. Snake has six months to live. Another bio-Metal Gear, fighting Snake. These are basically the best real-time graphics I've ever seen. Rivals most CG. I am such a fanboy.

Two Metal Gears now, searching for Snake inside a cardboard box. Nope, fooled. These things can leap a hundred feet in the air. Snake was hiding with chameleon-style suit camouflage! This is great.

An extended reveal of all the characters teased at Sony yesterday. Otacon saying he can't be stopped. Naomi talking about not passing on sings to our children. Campbell, talking again about "him." Who is he? Ooh, Meryl did not just drop the La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo. Otacon is crying, beseeching Snake to end it. Ocelot condemning Snake for "killing his own flesh and blood." Snake again ruminating over his pistol. Chambering a single round. "One last punishment I must endure." Gun in his mouth. I can't watch this.

That's where yesterday's trailer left off. "Some bloodlines must come to an end." Is there going to be more?!

You bet your sweet derierre. Notice I didn't mention Raiden this time? Well, here he is, and since when did he become the utter badass of the world? He just decimated three of those bio-Metal Gears with a katana, a dagger and the most wicked moves this side of The Matrix. Ends with the shot of him from yesterday. Massive applause to this trailer. I'm sorta in shock. This looks SO GOOD.

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The Gamespot guys should lay off their fanboy mushrooms. It's actually quite embarassing reading the guy's reaction to the trailer. Makes him sound like a 15-year old getting a joygasm over Killzone CG.

Nothing wrong with a bit of enthusiasm.

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Yeah, enthusiasm is good, but the way he describes it gives his opinion no integrity in my eyes. It MAY be the best thing ever, but even if it was a crock of shit, I doubt he'd call it anything other than amazing. I may be wrong, but hyping up footage in a non-game context is a bit too premature in my eyes. However with the MGS games, there's the exception that they're 95% cut scenes anyway.

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