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Super Mario Galaxy on the way for Wii

Don Rosco

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Yeah, the 2-player really works. I played through the first four stars with my eldest on pick-everything-up duty. Then I had to let the kids all have a proper go themselves (well, three of them so far anyway).

Unfortunately, I am now living Ste's nightmare as the same kids have insisted on watching Children In Need. Isn't it bedtime soon?

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I wish I had a girlfriend to spare me the chore of picking up star bits.

I do have a younger brother. Nothing romantic about it at all (he's a bratt), but hey: 't keeps him off the streets :)

Just hoping he won't unleash all of my star bits in a few bursts. Or that he makes Mario jump by pointing at him (I read something like that in the file select menu).

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I caved and picked this up at lunchtime - the wii looks like sick on my screen, but I figured what the hell i'll give it a go (metroid prime remains un-purchased for this very reason)... God i'm glad I did. For a start I finally tried turning down the sharpness on my telly and it looks sort of respectable now. Which is aceness in itself.

Then there's the game. I caught myself twice leaning my head as Mario went underneath planets. This is quite clearly something magically special.


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This is probably more of a technical TV question, but I'm going to ask here anyway, because I've only noticed it happening in certain parts of Galaxy. Sometimes the picture on the screen seems to be divided up into a few big squares, like a transparent chessboard. It's most noticeable in the observatories when you're looking at the galaxy maps: when you use the Wii hand-pointer to spin the galaxy around, everything goes a bit dark, then when you stop spinning and everything settles, the background brightens and up pop the very faint chessboard squares I just described. It's like a barely perceptible grid has been scored into the picture. It's not the game though, right? Obviously it's not. It's my new fecking TV. Isn't it? :)

Edit: It's particularly noticeable on the

Haunted House galaxy

too: when you enter the lobby, the green-wallpaper background shows up a weird, transparent rectangle in the top left corner of the screen, maybe six inches by four on a 32'' widescreen TV. It's totally spoiling the game. Help!

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How good is this?!

I'm about 20 stars in and my face hurts from smiling so much!

Galaxy level spoiler early doors though:

I really liked the way the music on the rolly ball galaxy got faster and slower depending on how quick the ball was rolling.

And there are loads more of wee touches like this. Amazing.


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Midway through my second evening with the game it's becoming increasingly difficult for to me to offer any kind of argument against this game and its superiority over SM64. As revolutionary as it was I simply cannot remember enjoying SM64 *anywhere near* as much as this, and Galaxy does appear to have more in common with the pure Mario platforming of the 2D games. All the new costumes are pretty much spot on, but good old Fire Mario is particularly badass this time.

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This is pure joy!

Had the GF on star bit collecting duty - which is genius - and got through the first four stars just now.

We were grinning like Cheshire Cats throughout.

Since the Halo 3 launch to now this is the greatest age in video games I can think of going back to my Vic 20 days.

I've never bought so many in such a short space - Halo 3, PGR4, Fifa 08, Orange Box and now SMG (I picked up Lego Star Wars last week too but that's for when my nephew stays!) - and I've not racked up so much playing time since my PS1 days when I had a much more independent life. God bless my understanding missus.


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I'm mainly playing this with a gormless vacant look on my face.

That'll be all the weed.


I honestly did have a permanent smile on my face, and exclaimed loudly a few times too, but I was with the missus. It's a nice change from scowling at the telly yelling 'have that, yacuntya!' when playing COD4.

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This has given me the greatest sense of childlike wonder i've had in a game in the last 15 years easily. I feel genuinely happy whilst playing it. Based on the couple of hours i've played so far this would not only be game of the year but also of the millennium. Maybe Halo 1 had me in 'oh my god i can't believe it' territory but i'd have to go back to unwrapping my snes and playing street figher 2 probably as a nipper to feel quite the same level of instant love / my god this is something genuinely i've never experienced before in a game.

Mass Effect is going to have to really go some way to top this.


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This has given me the greatest sense of childlike wonder i've had in a game in the last 15 years easily.

I think I share that sentiment. The game is really growing on me. Now 15 stars in, the levels become a bit more challenging and a whole lot more fun. Just did the Sweet Sweet Galaxy star and that was another high point with its

fiendish moving cookie cutter platforms

. I also like the old fashioned 'moving platform, don't hit the laserbeams' stuff while you can also walk over the edge of the platform to stand on the flipside.

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