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Super Mario Galaxy on the way for Wii

Don Rosco

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Don't be daft. It's the quality of the work that counts, you can reduce it like that. Anyone could invent 'entirely new creatures' in the time it takes to write them down. That doesn't mean they will be any cop. Mario Galaxy is clearly very special no matter how you try to reduce it. It stands out amongst the dozens of other games shown this E3 - by a long way.

For a second I thought this was a statement of fact, and not an opinion.

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The wiimote implementation looks really fun - but it seems daunting that levels require you to control mario with one hand while targeting various stuff with the pointer. Right now its just faffy collecting but I'm sure it'll progress into crucial button switches under pressure. I hope it's like the analogue stick in Mario 64.

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"Q4 2007" :rolleyes:

I think Redsquirrel was talking about the US release date - 12 November.

yeah but even so 5 months is xmas.

I have heard mumblings of a 7th december release date for europe. Obviously doesnt look good for smash bros this year...

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I think i probably want this more than anything else from the show, i was getting a bit paranoid about it admittedly and am trying to not watch any of the videos so i don't spoil my own fun while i'm playing it and also so i don't explode with anticipation.

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I wonder if it'll be possible to finish it with minimal use of the pointer. Obviously you'll need it for those bits where you're floating about in the bubble, but from the videos I've seen most of the other use is just to make things a bit easier.

There seems to be two pointers though - one is yours and is context sensitive (the bubbles) the other seems to be another players and is just sort of there to mess around with. Obviously the second player stuff won't be crucial and is just fidgety stuff like stunning baddies and shaking shrubs.

The other one though does seem crucial - it collects things, triggers swtiches. I think the player will be groomed into being able to independently control both mario and the pointer in a complex alliance for hyper-puzzles. It seems impossible now, just like those wall jumps did back in mario 64 days.

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