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Super Mario Galaxy on the way for Wii

Don Rosco

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I've heard that date mentioned before, although there's never been an official announcement. Perhaps Nintendo have had people sign an NDA which promises not to reveal the date as an announcement, but they're allowed to mention it casually.

In other news, Wii Fit's coming this year to Europe, according to CVG.com. Which I've also seen elsewhere, and it's already being demoed at Wii House.

Thus Nintendo win Christmas.

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And Wii Fit in December and Brawl in January. Mario Kart maybe February.

Wiz zeese games Nintendo you are reeely spoiling arse.

the only true word spoken in your post and the one you quoted unfortunately.

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double post!

but we'll let you off given that it looks so bloody amazing.

could 2007 be the best year for gaming in recent times?

I've gotten through 2007 so far having barely touched my previously indispensable 360 (I've simply found plenty to like in the Wii line-up, unlike many others, and haven't the time to invest in the typical 360 style of game right now), so the must-have games like Bioshock & Halo 3 arriving on that format in conjunction with the wealth of delights arriving on Wii over the next few months suggest it could be....


Really, can this game look any better than the patchy but sporadically brilliant & curiously unpolished Mario Sunshine? It reminds me of Mario 3 and SMW, which neither of the previous 3D games looked anything like.

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The art direction really does remind me of the leap between the NES Mario games and the SNES Mario. More refined and more colourful, it's actually what I've been waiting for a 3D Mario to look like without even realising it.

.::: I think it actually goes backwards in a forwards kind of way.

Almost like 3D is finally approaching the 2D gameplay density of the Golden Age during the early '90s. The abstractness of it all is making me feel all happy funny in my tummy.

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