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Super Mario Galaxy on the way for Wii

Don Rosco

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.::: But ... "Squirtle disliking" is an oxymoron! :)

(Though I must admit, scottcr is rapidly taking over...)

Oh, yeah, I like everything... ^_^:wub:

Anyway, thing with the Mario games is I probably would like them if I hadn't played the blatant rip off first.

I played Great Giana Sisters back on the C64 before any of the sidescrolling Marios so alwasy thought GGS was better (I know, I know). I played Banjo Kazooie before Mario 64 so thought (and still do) BK was the better game.

Strangely, I did fairly enjoy Sunshine, the maligned half breed brother.

As for liking everything, let's discuss Altered Beast on the PS2... (I only generally post about stuff I like or think is ok. Notice I never posted in the Enter The Matrix threads or guff like that). It's a bit of a fallacy that I like everything. Still, there's always people like Meh to cancel me out.

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What, what?! It's just scaled the pixels a bit funny, I think. Shhh...

EDIT: There, better?

.::: Less creepy, but now reminding me of a highly annoying classmate from about 15 years back. I suppose you aren't 27 years old, right?

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Corruption would have been it, but that has turned into 'Metroid Prime: Lite'

has it? when?

i didn't think it had been released yet.

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