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Silent Hill Origins

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Yeah, those enemies don't look very Silent Hill-ish and are just generally sort of shit-looking. They don't look like they're lit at all, either - I hope these shots are from a really early version or something (I'd rather have it slip massively from November than come out and be crap). The environments still look good, though, and it'd be weird for a developer to get those so right and the creatures so wrong in the final version.

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Because of those setbacks, the mole says, the game had been cut extensively to try and meet the increasingly unrealistic deadlines. Origins, once envisioned as a robust PSP game that would take eight hours to complete, has been shriveled down to a handful of much smaller levels and three to four hours of gameplay, the mole says.

Oh that's wonderful. Christ, and it could have been GOOD.

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That's real time weapon change to you. It's the future, apparently.

To think we mocked! Egg on our faces, clearly.

Looks interesting - if this turns out to be good I'll not sell my PSP. Otherwise, it's the big heave-ho.

Edit - really should have looked at why the topic was resurrected, egg on my face, clearly. PSP for the boot!

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It reads like a textbook case of mismanaged development. Way to go Climax, you dumb bastards- they'll never let you near a Konami property again.

You fucking idiot. :D Konami are the ones who have given them the deadlines :) (EDIT oops now I read the link, too :D )

Shame they've had to cut it down so much. I have heard that the baddies no longer resemble those shit purple things though, they've gone all 'traditional' Silent Hill now ;)

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I just wanted a good portable Silent Hill game :)

Is that so much to ask?

Me too :(

Konami, or atleast the Metal Gear team, have listened to the wants of players by developing a "proper" MGS game for the PSP, yet Climax seem to have royally messed up one of (my) great hopes for original, system-selling content for the handheld. Seeing the first trailer and getting my hopes up seems like a distant memory after reading that article - I just really hope whoever made those managerial decisions gets linched :angry: (not like that would ever happen?)

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But on a tiny screen I can't see it being scary, tbh...

Depends how brave you are. I played Silent Hill, the PS1 version, on the PSP over the winter months for the very first time. On my hour long commute back and forwards to work on the train each day. A dark train. With rain outside. And random scary sounds coming from the game. And random equally scarey idiots sat next to me with random ring-tones. It all certainly scared the crap out of me. Small screen or not. If i didn't flinch, jump and yelp around once, i did it a million times. I even dropped the PSP once, going round the alternative hospital. Old people on the train kept staring at me. Which didn't help matters. It was worst than falling asleep and snoring and then dribbling on yourself. But then I'm an easily drawn in horror game coward. :lol::(:(

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