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last five albums you got

chris on the moon

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Tycho - Sunrise Projector.

sp_album_cover_small.jpg (very BOC in a sunny day kinda way, warm, dreamy and joyful). Hear the album here

Loscil - Plume.

KRK96M.jpg (follow up to 'First Narrows' absolutely ace, and I love the artwork <_< )

I'm Not a Gun - We Think as Instruments.

intgun-wethnk.jpg (a nice blend of electronica and traditional instruments, clean and crisp.)

Pan American - For Waiting For Chasing.

panameric-waiting.jpg (could be the soundtrack to a nightime journey through a post apocalyptic landscape, oppressive yet spacy, a darkly textured eeriness, this is definitely one for the headphones.)

Couch - Figur 5.

couch-figur5.jpg (Morr music newbies, Mogwai meets Explosions in the Sky?)

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went mad at a recent sale in virgin and got 26 albums on CD - and i can't remember any of them

But you remembered that you bought 26? Riiiiighhhht.

Anyway, my last 5 were:


Jesu – Silver

Astonishing 4-track EP from Justin Broadrick, the man behind Godflesh. They're the Yin to Sigur Ros's yang. Downtuned metal a la Isis, Neurosis etc with samples and crunching industrial-influenced riffs, programmed beats and a healthy combination of tortured screaming / angelic vocals. Amazing.


Zero 7 – The Garden

Was a bit apprehensive about this after the lacklustre second album, When It Falls, but they seemed to have trimmed the fat by getting rid of their excess vocalists (hey, maybe too many cooks can spoil the broth) and hiring José Rodriguez to strum his little fingers off. Sia's voice, as always, is divine.


Mark Lanegan Band – Here Comes That Weird Chill

The 80 Marlboro Reds a day man with the gravel voice to die for. Picked this up after realising that I really like Screaming Trees and his guest vocals on QOTSA's albums. And this album has guest appearances from members of Afghan Whigs and Ween, so it was a bit of a no-brainer really.


Mogwai – Come On Die Young

Haven't heard this yet but have all the other releases from the post-rock experimentalist geniuses from Sconnie Botland.


Isis – SGNL>05

Haven't heard this either but it's fucking Isis man, one of the best bands out there.

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I loved this cover so much it made me look up their website. I've never heard of them before but having now listened to a few of their songs on their myspace page, I'm definitely interested in buying an album. I think they've had two so far? So which one should I go for first?

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I loved this cover so much it made me look up their website. I've never heard of them before but having now listened to a few of their songs on their myspace page, I'm definitely interested in buying an album. I think they've had two so far? So which one should I go for first?


I haven't heard their first, only a one or two songs off it. Both are more or less the same, but they really have found they're own sound. With their new album.

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Curtis Mayfield - Back To The World

His best album (imo)

Definitely his best album, and certainly one of the greatest soul records ever recorded. Really can't be praised highly enough.

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Superb. What it lacks in melody it more than makes up for atmospherically - it's intense.


Good enough, not a classic like it's meant to be. Sounds surprisingly old fashioned and reactionary even for 1978.


Thought it was OK on first few listens. Think it's shite now. My dad loves it though.


I like it. Love the use of synths. Vocal delivery is pretty bad, but forgiveable.



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I recently had the urge to deviate from my normal prog CDs and try something a bit different: I bought about 30 disks in the last month, these are my favourite five:

Mew - And The Glass Handed Kites

Great Danish band - I see there's been a topic on them. As a result also bought Frengers, which is a more poppy accessible album than this, but also good.

Kashmir - No Balance Palace

Another Danish band, apparently hugely successful there. This one has guest appearances by David Bowie and Lou Reed.

Oceansize - Everyone Into Position

Manchester band, so much better than Oasis.

Biffy Clyro - Blackened Sky

Scottish band - great anthemic tracks, with some occasional oddness inbetween. Their next two albums get progressively weirder and more mixed. Good stuff.

Dredg - Catch Without Arms

Very melodic Californian rock band, moving away from their more hard-edged earlier sound. Some input into the album from ex-Queensryche man Chris Degarmo.

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Too be honest, seems a bit samey but only listened to it a few times, a couple of tracks stand out though


Absolutely loving it, nice mellow summer vibe


A couple of great tracks, have to be in the right mood for the album to hit home


Lush, some great mixing as well, CD2 gets the big thumbs up


S'alright, probably got the standout tracks on other stuff though

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Hot Chip - The Warning


¡Forward, Russia! - Give Me a Wall


Guillemots - From The Cliffs


White Rose Movement - Kick


Dirty Pretty Things - Waterloo To Anywhere

All really good, especially Hot Chip and Dirty Pretty Things, not a bad track on them

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Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes

I’m not a big metal fan but I fancied picking up a few albums and asked for some recommendation over in the Metal thread. This was one of the albums recommended and it’s superb; the riffs, the singing, the tunes – amazing.

Opeth - Ghost Reveries

Another Metal thread recommendation – took a while to get into but it’s starting to get it’s hooks into me. There’s some fantastic hard guitar playing on here. Prog Death Metal? Yes please.

Therapy? - Troublegum

I was a massive Therapy? fan back in the day but I hadn’t heard Troublegum in years. I was out on Friday and heard Screamager in a bar and I remembered how good Therapy? are so I bought it yesterday. An absolute masterpiece and the best album too ever come out of Ireland. Gods.

Fightstar - Grand Unification

After a few listens I’m loving it. Waste a Moment is a peach.

Brian Eno - Music for Airports

I was looking for this last week and couldn’t find so I picked it up again yesterday. Dreamy.

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it's not out yet. stop posting things you just downloaded. that's lame.

:rolleyes: I saw it posted in this thread and went to HMV looking for it. It's not out for ages yet, July 10 if I'm not mistaken. :( I'll try to hold out though.

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