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Rhythm Tengoku


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You know what the best bit so far has been?

getting really upset finishing set 6 and hearing the glorious song and the credits thinking "that was the most short-lived piece of awesomeness ever" then the game restarting and realising that THERE IS HORIZONTAL SCROLL AND 4 MORE FUCKING SETS!


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I keep on getting my arse kicked by the handball thing in the remix.

Oh man that's the best bit!

oh man, monkeys part 2 is kicking my arse all over the place. MUST BEAT!


SCRATCHOOOOOOOOOO with killer rock ghost ending


oh dear motherfucking shitfence, how on gods earth am I meant to do this without losing my mind?!

Oh lord hahaha, managed to medal it, damn that felt good!

Remix 8 is officially impossible

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update your firmware or some shit like that, it worked for me.

You are wonderful. It works now :lol:

I updated to version 1.18 and boots awesome ;)

I got the same thing. The screen says "the game hasn't loaded properly and you need to re-insert the cartridge" (In Japanese)

That's what I got, Firmware update sorts it out :D

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Good God this thread is like torture. I certainlly won't be staying late at work tonight.

For those that have played the original how does this compare? Better, as good?

Superlative warning - the following paragraph contains overzealous excitement.

I think that the original was a really great breath of fresh air to anyone who played it, so you won't be blown away exactly the way you were the first time, but it's just as joyous an experience. The irreverent humour is still there, the games are still bursting with creativity, and the music is still a crazy mix of j-pop and rock, so it's safe to say it's still fucking awesome. The only difference is that due to the stylus input, in certain minigames which rely on holding and releasing; the purity of the rhythm action is very slightly muddied. This really is only a very very slight niggle though - it's implemented brilliantly for the most part.

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This game is totally amazing.

I never played the original Tengoku.

I'm totally in love with this :unsure:

Same here :D

It's so much fun

It must've been a nightmare on the gba though, how did you control it? Tapping A & B?

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Remix 8 gave me enough practice to get a perfect on the original ping pong level without even trying. Remix 8 is definitely the hardest in the game! At first I thought "Are you fucking joking?" but it surprised me how quickly I managed to get good at it!

Bad news everyone: unless they're a hidden unlockable - no cosmo dancers.

Also: anyone that's finished it: the final unlocked button on the screen - what is it? It looks like the band mini game from the first game, but I can't seem to access anything. I only get a weird message. :unsure:

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