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Forza Motorsport 2


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It's a heavy bugger, it was the weight of the box that convinced me to buy it.

I've been playing through the old Forza on the 360 for the past couple of months in anticipation of the new one. It plays well shonky with shocking framerates, broken sound, shit tracks but its awesome. Now with the sequel we get 60 FPS, 5.1 sound that works , the wheel, auction house, the full Mugello circuit, and the painting. Oh and the cars too.

If anyone hears of GAME breaking the streetdate tomorrow, please let us know. I'm toying with the idea of getting it from G Force otherwise.

Well they have definitely broken the street date online as my copy was dispatched today and GAME normally use 1st class post so I should get it tomorrow, one day early.

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dont agree with that at all

Try it with FF set to full in all 3 sliders

Steering saturation at 100 %

Accelerator saturation at 85%

Brake saturation at 85 %

Then attempt to get 2.35 or less. The other two events in the demo I find impossible but for the hill climb this works a treat. When you get the speed right going into a corner and then fly out of it you'll change your mind.

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Guest alisdair

Bit cheeky this, but if anyone gets the 350Z pre-order code and doesn't want it, could you send it to me please? I'll be happy to buy you a few other cars in-game in return.

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Boutros you lying bastard! <_<

FRS doesn't sell it until Friday, and Media Markt had FM2 marked for yesterday (Wednesday) in their brochure, but that turned out to be an error on their part. So Friday it is for us Dutchies. For once a street date isn't broken over here...

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Mine came from Game this morning. Can't play it until after work, but one thing to note is that it's a 60Hz-only game. Not sure if that will effect anyone here, but I thought it might be worth pointing out.

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Go on then just for you.

And my newest creation :lol:


Any chance I could purchase an Initial D one from you Anth - that sticker is spot on!

This really is good fun with the wheel and all aids off - reminds me of GTR1 but only with more arcadey features and tracks.

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I had the wheel for a few days when the F2 demo came out and didn't get on with it at all. Firstly, I noticed a pretty big dead-zone in the first 15 degrees motion either side of "north" before I'd see any action on screen. Despite the FF, there is no resistence at all when gliding (not hard cornering) which felt "off" compared to actual driving (I know : not a fair comparison, but it just didn't feel right to me).

Secondly, setup is everything. I realised pretty soon after setting it up that it wasn't going to work on my lap so I had it on a tiny telephone table which worked better, but I suggest to get the best out of it you'll need either a proper stable frame-rig to mount it on, or someother kind of table with room for your legs to slip under for the pedals.

Plusses, though : The foot pedal senstivity was ok, the wheel feels quite solidly built. Friends who have got it setup right say they're shaving whole seconds off their laptimes after that adjustment period.

It just wasn't for me.

Caveat Emptor

Check here for some good table/setup experience : http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=452146

and that's all the weather

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