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Photo Contest - July


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Ducks up in a seven foot tall fountain. Best I could find. Not much chance to get anything else this month. Better than last months effort whch was nothing. Meh.

I'll join in with the bird theme.

Storks in nest on the overhead line supports of the Rotterdam-Utrecht line. Underneath is also a fairly busy road.


I also like this one of an owl chick I took in the zoo, just because he seems to say WTF.


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The first one, I like the composition, although the colours could be better. I really should have waited for the train to pass, but I took it on wednesday and the blistering heat was just too much.

The second is just for fun. It does look a bit like that snowowl, yes.

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"who stepped on the sunscream?"

It might not be qualified, because I didn't take it especially for this compo, and the reason is, I was on that very vacation at the time of the announcement of the compo. :rolleyes:

Well I think its quite WTF, so I'll post it.

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I pass this on my way to and from work each day and it's pretty WTF the first time you see it. So is the one armed biker dude that drives it using the joystick thingy on the front! What you can't make out so well is all the random creatures attached to it. There are bondage teddy bears, spiders, cobwebs, bats and skulls etc. all over the back of it. There was a big eagle on the bar behind the back seats but I guess some chavs pinched that :(

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