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Sounds uncannily like "Anstromm-Feck 4" from the "Do you know Squarepusher" one.

Only not quite as good. I dunno, sounds a little too much like the anstromm thing than I'd like, like he's fucking about with old tracks rather than making new ones.

I'll still buy it though.

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bit weird how the drums are just Come On My Selector

It's the Amen Break innit? Criticising a drill and bass fiend for using that is a bit like telling Jimi to put down the guitar and take up Djembi drumming. Not to say they couldn't do with finding a new break but it is a staple "instrument" of the genre.

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I can't remember him using it in that way other than Come On My Selector though, apart from the production on the drums the start of the two songs is pretty much exactly the same. I can only imagine he's done it like that on purpose though, it's hardly like he's going to be unaware of it. Maybe it's a little tribute to himself or something.

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It's not just the drums though. The diddly bit that pipes in after a minute or so sounds suspiciously similar to COMS, albeit played in a simplistic fashion with an analogue doo-dar. I can't listen to it without adding my own revving hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMM bass noise in the gaps. :D

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Veering slightly off the subject a tiny bit (+ this doesn't really warrant its own thread)....

Squarepusher fans should check out these old interviews with the man himself from 1996. They are pretty wicked and gives an slight insight into the recording process around the time of "Feed Me weird things".

My Favourite Squarepusher LP is "Music Is Rotted One Note"

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I bought Ultravisitor when it came out as my first Squarepusher purchase and I didn't quite get it at the time. However, after since listening to a lot of jazz, it and Music is Rotted One Note are two of my favourite albums. My Sound and Circlewave are two of the best tracks I have ever listened to. Can't quite get Go Plastic yet, but I am looking forward to the new album and getting Budakhan Mindphone. I listen to a reasonable amount of electronic music now, but other than Four Tet, I have never felt such warmth and soul.

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Planetarium This is good, as in very, very good. I'll be repeating this one for years :)

Welcome To Europe Rather ace as well.

Hello Everything is out October 16, 2006 on Warp


1. Hello Meow

2. Theme From Sprite

3. Bubble Life

4. Planetarium

5. Vacuum Garden

6. Circlewave 2

7. Cronecker King

8. Rotate Electrolyte

9. Welcome To Europe

10. Plotinus

11. The Modern Bass Guitar

12. Orient Orange

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I suppose everyone knows the new album is out there? I assume it has been for a while, I just searched for it on the off chance on mininova t'other day.

I've had five or six listens now and I love it, it's quite easily the best thing he's done in the last five years. A lot of the drum stuff just washes over me with him now because you know what to expect, the main strength of this is in some great melodies. I've constantly been humming them to myself. Mr Do's posted most of the best tracks but I'm really liking 'Plotinus' too, it's a seven minute-er that sounds like it could easily have come off of Hard Normal Daddy, which is my Squarepusher high water mark.

Definately going to get a tasty vinyl purchase when it's out anyway.

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it's quite easily the best thing he's done in the last five years

I totally agree.

Recently I've found myself skipping a lot of tracks on Squarepusher albums....though I think Go Plastic is brilliant tracks like Metteng Excuske v1.2 and My Fucking Sound....I can't be arsed with that crazy stuff that's not entirely music these days.

But Hello Everything doesn't have any 'skippers' and is a lot more musical, and feels less cold than some of his previous work. It's got hooks. Though 'cold' can be good, this time you're hearing a bit more actual played bass work with some melodies you can actually remember and it's brilliant.

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This coming Saturday sees Squarepusher performing exclusively for BBC2's Culture Show in the UK.

Interviews with some of Squarepusher's most illustrious fans Sofia Coppola and André 3000 will feature, alongside a one off appearance from him performing a bass solo piece arranged specifically for the show. Also included are a short interview with Lauren Laverne and some recent live footage capturing Squarepusher in the essence.

Any Squarepusher fan will be well aware of his publicity shy nature and so this rare appearance will be very special.

The Culture Show with Squarepusher

Saturday October 14th

19:25 GMT on BBC2

Not to be missed :D

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