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I'll probably get told off for being silly and poppy and being very much in the wrong thread but I'm thoroughly enjoying the new Alison Moyet cd.

Except for the cover, which ain't great. The contents are fab though.

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All the album tracks follow a similar pattern of primitive looping beats and enveloping waves of sound, Blackpool... being one of the more active louder tracks. It's really uniquely interesting, and develops on repeat listening. Comparatively I'd guess it bridges BOC, Andy Stott and Fuck Buttons.

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Nils Frahm - Says. From his collection of live recordings, out later this month. I saw him perform this and a few other electronica-based songs - he had a Juno-60 on stage - and they were just incredible to hear live. 'Says' is such a delicate, simple and intense song.

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Runway by Aleksi Perälä

AP Musik presents

'The Colundi Sequence'

by Aleksi Perälä

4x album & single release!

1) The Colundi Sequence Level 1 [24 bit / 96 khz / *.wav dvd]

2) The Colundi Sequence Level 2 [24 bit / 96 khz / *.wav dvd]

3) Mental Union Vol. 4 [16 bit / 44.1 khz / audio cd]

4) Ovuca Bonus [16 bit / 44.1 khz / audio cd]

= 51 tracks, over 4 hours duration

£20 + p&p via Paypal

also available:-

5) The Colundi Sequence Level 3 [clear 12" vinyl, half-speed mastering]

£9 + p&p via Paypal

Exclusive 300 limited edition

Reserve your copies now!

Send an email to sales.apmusik at gmail.com

Please mention your shipping country for an accurate quote.

Coming very soon!

"An alchemy of traditional/mystical/mathematical/physical/

spiritual/emotional/psychological frequencies."


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Its been a while since weve heard from Warp alum and bona fide electronica pioneer Luke Vibert.

The usually incredibly prolific tinkerer managed to find time last year to piece together the third collection in the Nuggets series, but its been a while since his last proper full-length. Plugs Back on Time appeared in 2012, but the last album under his own name was Planet Mus 09 release We Hear You.

Well now all becomes clear Viberts been holed up with his trusty TR-303 recording what might be his most personal record to date - Ridmik. Harking back to his breakout 2003 acid jam I Love Acid, Ridmik ekes every last bit of life from Rolands trusty box (which may or may not be due a re-issue this year) and with Vibert at the controls you should know itll be handled with a masterfully light touch.

Ridmik is due for release on CD, 2LP and digital on April 7 via Hypercolour.


01. Ridmik

02. Stabs Of Regret

03. Six Eight

04. Acid Jacket

05. Acrobot

06. Acage

07. Overstand Me

08. CS303

09. Proper Gander

10. Double Dipped Acid

11. Vortek

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