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The electronica thread


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Tonight We See The Release Of FOUND SOUND 2 
A Year In The Making


Artists Are:

Karsten Pflum
Michael Fakesch (Boards Of Canada Remix)
808 State
Luke Vibert
Velum Break
Future Sound of London
Static (Isan Remix)
Skytree (Christ. Remix)
The Gasman
John Tejada

Previews from 7:30pm



Available to buy from around 10pm.


FOUND SOUND 1 available to buy still


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The first one is excellent.


When you read back through this thread it feels like the Touched Music Thread at times, but they're putting out that style of electronic music that you don't really see a great deal of these days. Martin is a top guy too.

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Fine people, I could do with recommendations for some dark electronica/synthy stuff in the vein of John Carpenter to help me get through working on an evening. 


I love his Lost Themes and Prince of Darkness soundtrack in particular. Nothing too intense with heavy beats, which I find in a lot of the recommendations that YouTube throws up, but pieces that are moody and atmospheric.


Possibly also crossover stuff with hip-hop, like some of the tracks on Endtroducing, though that seems to be pretty rare from the searching I've done so far.


Wendy Carlos' soundtrack to The Shining is another one I love, particularly the opener.

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A lot of the more recent Future Sound of London output is moody stuff with bits of beats. Their earlier stuff was more "traditional" but the later stuff could be up your street.


What about Daniel Avery for atmospheric electronics? 


Also have a listen to Dalham



Pye Corner Audio is well worth a listen. Stasis or Hollow Earth are a good start.


An album I like working to is Farenheit Fair Enough by Telefon Tel Aviv


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Thanks for the suggestions - I've had a quick listen to a few of them and they sound promising, so I'll delve a bit deeper this week as my deadline looms. Pye Corner Audio in particular sounded really good. I forgot about FSOL - I like Dead Cities and Lifeforms, though they're quite different to what I'm after but I'll check out their later stuff.


Maybe I should post something similar in the synth thread.

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Yeah, I like that, though it doesn't quite have that atmospheric soundtrack vibe.


It's funny, but I've listened to a fair bit of Klaus Schulz (Timewind in particular is amazing) but for some reason I always forget about Ulrich Schnauss and other Tangerine Dreamers.

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Just a quick reminder that the 2020 Favourite Albums list thread is open until the end of 31 December! There's been a brilliant turnout so far, and it can be even better if you add your list in too. It doesn't matter if it's just one album :)



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So being the out-of-touch middle-aged guy I am I'd not heard of Sophie before the news that she'd passed away. Jamz Supernova was sitting in for Gilles Peterson this week and played this Autechre remix. Really like this, it feels like old Autchre, simple beats with a twist. 



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For anyone who doesn't have these, the 3 releases in the Covert series by Touched Music are free to download today.






There's never been official artist lists for these but artists like Plaid, Karsten Pflumm Murya are known to have contributed.


They're all fantastic releases so get them while you can but as they are by a charity record label, please consider donating something when you download.

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