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Dominion - Prequel to The Exorcist


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Could've sworn I saw a thread on this, but no matter.

Saw this tonight on Sky Movies, and was pleasantly surprised. It was far better than the steaming pile of wank that was Exorcist: The Beginning (which, to my eternal shame, I paid to see in the cinema :'( ). The story was interesting, the characters were much more believable, and the ending was much better. Still wasn't a brilliant film, but in comparison it was loads better.

Why they forced a full reshoot is way beyond me.

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I've had this on dvd for ages but could never bring myself to watch it. I'll give it a go, it can't be any worse than the reshoot. :(

The reshoot is the only film I have considered walking out of, ever. Only reason I didn't is becasue I was with my mates and one was asleep blocking my escape.

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