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So we made a movie...


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Ok, basically last year a group of mates (myself included) decided we fancied making a comedy type movie. After much deliberation we figured a Zombie flick was a good a place to start as any. However, due to lack of actors in West Berkshire and Oxfordshire countryside and a budget of well, nothing... we figured we would need to be in it ourselves. So this is what we made.


Made last year in the summer in less than a week start to finish.

No script, nearly everything is first take shots. We made it up as we went a long and had a right old laugh. I must stress this. No script. At all. It shows too... Mainly due to an overuse in swears.

The sequel we made last week will be uploaded shortly. Probably later today.

It was made as a laugh. We know it isn't very good. We know the acting is shite and that the story is a load of arse. It is however, pretty damn funny.

In short, if you like the idea of a mentally unstable englishman going through a messy divorce and becoming so barmey he thinks he is a New York cop, check it out. He sets fire to a picture of Ronald Regan while wearing no trousers.

So yeh, enjoy!

The order is a bit funny on there, the first video on the group page is infact the third part of the story... Clicking "view all videos" makes it appear better.

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