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The Dark Knight


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Batman-on-Film is reporting that the official trailer for "The Dark Knight" could be released as early as December, possibly before another Warner Bros' blockbuster, "I Am Legend," which hits theaters December 14th.

The site was told that there's a chance that it could premier online via "The Dark Knight" viral marketing campaign, similar to how the teaser was released last summer during Comic Con. In addition, the official poster for the sequel is expected soon and according to Warners, it won't simply be the Batman logo that has appeared on both the teaser and the film's website.

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Intriguing little rumour doing the rounds at the moment:

"The recent Dark Knight teaser trailer left a lot of people wanting, with little evidence of The Joker, aside from a couple of lines of dialogue and a bit of cackling. Those same fans should be well sated when they go to see Will Smith vampire* movie I Am Legend.

Rather than another trailer, Warner Bros will release a 7-minute scene which will tell the origins of The Joker, but only at IMAX screenings. This is not a collection of footage from throughout the film; this is an extended scene of how mild mannered Heath Ledger becomes the scar-faced clown. So the film will not be an origin story. We couldn't get 100% confirmation, but it seems very likely that this will one of the scenes that was previously announced (read about that here) as being shot in the mammoth scale IMAX format. USA Today said that one of those took place during a bank heist that introduced The Joker. That's not definite, just very likely."

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Today, The Joker's whysoserious.com website has been updated with an animated jack-o-lantern, whose carved mouth is in the shape of the Batman symbol. Whether this is the beginning of a campaign that will eventually lead to a trailer is anyone's guess, but for now, all we have is the pumpkin.

The same jack-o-lantern has appeared in the Batman comics, including on the cover of "The Long Halloween," which delved into the origins of Two-Face. Could it mean that the treat we have been waiting for will reveal itself during Halloween?


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Sorry to link to the Daily Mail, but...


Found on via Batmovienews.com, which also has some spoilers about somewhere Batman will visit in the film, and a new change to the costume.

Oh man I was ready to pop when I read that title but then the specifics make me think of Batman Forever (that's the one right? with the Riddler?)

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Hamil's Jokers pissed on that one.



A thousand times this...anyone who's seen the "uncut" return of the Joker knows how brilliant/sadistic Hamil's Joker is.

I had one teeny tiny hope they'd get him to play in the Dark Night...:lol:

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