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Steam - There's a sale on


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I reckon most are already aware of this but if you add Enhanced Steam to Firefox or Chrome you get so much more useful info when browsing the Steam website. Even on the main page you instantly see which games you already own and the price fluctuations.

Download here.

Says a feature of this is seeing how much you've spent on Steam - do I really want to know that? No, no I don't.

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Daily Deals:

Bound by Flame £17.99

Game Dev Tycoon £2.79

State of Decay £3.74

Prison Architect £6.79

Amnesia a Machine for Pigs £3.37

Plague Inc Evolved £8.03

Dynasty Warriors 8 £19.99

Walking Dead Season 2 £9.49

RPG Maker VX Ace £12.49


Mount & Blade £2.99

Spore £4.99

Dungeon Defenders £2.49

Pixel Piracy £5.49

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I've been in the mood for some Dynasty Warriors, so while £20 isn't an amazing price it's not bad for a "new" release. Then I bought Prison Architect and Amnesia: AMFP because I'm weak. So then:

Day 1: £0.00

Day 2: £30.15 :facepalm:

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If Dynasty Warrior was £10-15 I'd get it, but not for £20. That's because I have self control.

Anno DLC - £3
Van Helsing 2 - £8
Super MEat Boy - £2.52
Red Alert 2 - £2.49
Dungeon Defenders DLC - £8.20
Forced £2.75


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I've gone for The Walking Dead S2, State of Decay, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures ($4 on amazon.com) and the Pac-Man All You Can Eat DLC.

I'll probably get The Wticher 2, Joe Danger and the JD2 DLC, GUN, Ms. Splosion Man, the Stealth Bastard DLC and Mashed before the end of the sale too.

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In Humble Bundle news, having been after Ironclad Tactics and interested in Space Hulk for ages (and being a fan of Stronghold but not owning the HD versions), I was unable to resist this month's strategy bundle for $9.

Which means that I have spare Steam copies of Sang-Froid (nicely designed, awfully presented tower defence); Eador: Masters of the Broken World (surprisingly decent, interesting take on fantasy 4x) and Unity of Command (excellent, beginner-friendly turn-based strategy game) going. Oh, and a GOG code for Eador too. One per forum regular, just PM me if you're interested!

Probably late to this party, but is the Unity of Command code still free?

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It's strange being completely skint during a Steam sale without buying any games :lol: Didn't realise it was in June this year, caught me off guard, and I don't get paid until the day after the sale ends. It's kind of nice in a way, usually I'd spend ages looking through the cheap games lists seeing what was much cop etc but no need to :D

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Bought the Call of Juarez: Gunslinger + Far Cry: Blood Dragon package at £4.99, which seems like a good bit of business if you ask me.

Definitely, as I bought blood dragon yesterday and Juarez today and am now about 50p poorer than you. First world problems etc

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