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Steam - There's a sale on


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I was thinking earlier are there any sale mainstays that we haven't seen? Don't think we've seen Prince or Perisa or Orange Box/Valve Pack.

If Space Giraffe doesn't go on sale I'm going to cry.

Given the fact it's not in the normal sale, I'm not sure I'd expect it to be a flash/daily. Then again Child of Light was...

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Goat Simulator £4.19

FM2014 £8.74

Baldur's Gate II EE £4.74, BG: EE £3.74

Thief £9.99

Garry's mod £4.74

Chivalry £3.79

Portal 2 £3.74

Wolfenstein: The New Order £17.49

Shadowrun Returns £2.74 Dragonfall £4.39


Broken Age £6.45

Max Payne 3 £3.74

Among The Sleep £12.74

Watch Dogs £31.99

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Is thief worth that?

Hexx I'm asking you!


If you liked/didn't mind Deadly Shadows it's a worse, but not terrible, version of that. If you want "proper theifage" stay well away

Anyone know anything about Cloudbuilt? Never heard of it, but looks nice (in the vote winning section)

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The download size is obscene given that from what I've seen of it, it doesn't look particularly special in the 1337 GFX department. It's going to take two and a half sodding hours. I was hoping to get to play it later when the wife's watching her shitty Hunger Games film. Bah.

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