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I'd love a copy of Ys: Oath in Felghana :)

{edit] Sorry, it's Arc of Naphistim I'm after - got all confused. I've finished Felghana and it's great. Next!

[edit 2] Squeenix bundle Steam keys up for grabs here...

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Steam Key RWKXL-LFD34-**MQW trasp.giftrasp.gif Thief Steam Key YKJKI-MQ**P-MXNJN trasp.giftrasp.gif FINAL FANTASY XIII Steam Key TBM6L-LC45L-FPE** trasp.giftrasp.gif Life is Strange - Episode 1 Steam Key KKQ**-VQQTQ-VJTEI

Osiris ** = the year of FFVII's release.

Thief ** = Quarter of a century

FFXIII ** = The most common abbreviation of the series.

LIS ** = The abbreviation of Assassin's Creed.

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Uh how is it I own Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate (and the Deluxe Edition) and Arkham Knight? The latter should've been removed from my library back when I got the refund for it through CDkeys, shouldn't it?

Did Origins ever show up as part of some bundle? I wouldn't touch that thing with a very long pole.

Origins is a great game and well worth playing, best story out of the Arkham games as well (well I don't know about Knight, not played it yet)

Origins Blackgate however you should ignore and not go fucking near. I thought it was horrible and a complete waste of money, really regret buying it. Not a fun metroidvania style of game and not really a fun game period. Hated it.

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[edit 2] Squeenix bundle Steam keys up for grabs here...

I tried to use the Temple of Osiris key but someone has already taken it.

In my Steam account I have giftable copies of the following, PM me if you want them:

Castle Crashers - Gone to DonJuan

Nuclear Throne - Gone to my daughter, sorry everyone! :)

Monaco - Gone to b00dles

Risk of Rain

Gun Monkeys

Torchlight II - Gone to ToastedBread

Terraria - Gone to BruceBruce

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Also Nidhogg too, it was always cheap but I've been put off before because they only had local multiplayer, but now he's added single player and online it's a worthy purchase

I don't think single player has changed, has it? And based on the console versions the online is probably...Adequate.

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I had a slight problem with the iOS steam app earlier. It had logged me out and it was my authenticator so until I logged back in I couldn't login to the website to buy stuff.

So I try and it asks for my authenticator code (That I need to be logged in to provide). Luckily I was able to remove the authenticator in the end but that's not a nice bug.

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Once I've started a game of Titan Souls no matter which button I mash on my Xbone controller or key I press on the keyboard I can't get any sort of menu up. I'm having to Alt-Tab out everytime and then kill it that way. Anyone who has the game know how to exit or get to options?

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