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This new 'tag' search function is utter shit. 


I can't search by Developer anymore (tag id / id software you get nothing and Doom doesn't even bring up Doom WTF) and when you find a game the suggestions for other relevant games are gone. This will surely hurt them, I've added loooooooads of games to my wishlist then later bought using this method. 



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so...ive ended up with NBA2k17   (gone to @StoooTube) and Pillars of eternity, as i somehow didn't pause my humble bundle, despite not wanting either of these games.


So, would anybody like to trade anything for them?


I ask as, well tbh, they are still really rather pricey on steam (!), and i just cant bring myself to give them away, sorry.


 I am open to suggestions of things trade!


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I really bloody hope so. The sandbox mode is a phenomenal work of art. Put 40hrs in. Thought this would never come out. Reinstalled it to play tonight. It just hit PS4 too. A bit shocked at the price considering I got it got four quid years ago.

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This is priced a bit too high for me (like The Long Dark, it's been on my wishlist for ages) but this is right up my alley!














X-Morph: Defense is a tower defense game where we play the aggressors, an alien race coming to plunder and terraform Earth. Those silly Earthlings deploy armies to fend us off, of course, so we throw up weapons turrets to keep them in their (soon-to-be our) place. It looks to have a nice touch of mazing through destructible environments, letting us blow up bridges and smash down buildings to force Earth forces to take longer routes (and, in the TD way, take more damage). How do we smash the world? Well!


X-Morph: Defense is also a shoot ’em up, letting us pootle around in our alien warship shooting at the humons and reshaping levels. Oh, I mock those feeble fools but they have also built some honking great mechs and walking tanks. These boss battles look pretty dang fancy for a tower defense. You can see bits in this trailer:


Nice, yeah?

Oh, and the game also has split-screen cooperative multiplayer, which sounds a lark.

I remember playing Excubitor in 2014, which also smooshed TD and shmup together. X-Morph is looking to be more fun as both a TD and a shmup, which is grand.


X-Morph: Defense is coming to Steam on August 30, priced at $19.99.


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Anyone else playing Long Dark?   I have just started and am in a pitch black cave that I cant get out of, only 4 matches.  The 4 conditions are not in danger yet heartbeat is slow, and vision is blurry enough for me to know I am about to die.   I dont understand what is causing my death, I can only assume lack of sleep but all of my conditions are reasonable levels..?

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I just started the story missions and got to chapter 2. They have changed the whole game it seems since I last played. The survival management of your levels seems more akin to Flame in the Flood than what it was before.


Visuals are beautiful, a lot shinier than previously. I like the character art too.

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1 hour ago, marcus said:

Well if you come across a long cave where you need to crouch down to negotiate, then find a dead body at the dead-end next to some wood then please tell me how you progress as I am well stuck  :-)


I just reached the church and turned it off. You there yet? Just follow the instructions in the journal. The story mode is actually really bloody hard as it guides you along quite a narrow corridor with seeming no weapons and a good few wolves.

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"6 minutes slim shady"...then we see ...lol


sorry, when i posted this there were six mins left in the countdown!


edit: annnnd, a disappointing month :(


SO, *in game show voice* These, lovely prizes! CAN. BE. YOURS!!! *audience cheers!*




Overcooked gone to @frumious

War for the Overworld



and from the last bundle!

Lost Horizon

Sacred Franchise Pack gone to @DonJuan


and stil available...drum roll....Homefront!!...the original! OHYEAH!


Please, please, form an ordely que! and pop a pm, or quote the post!

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4 minutes ago, frumious said:

What's a cheap way of getting a few non-awful decent joypads for Steam stuff?  Pop into CEX and see if they've got any old X360 controllers?

If you're planning on ever playing 2D games, you'd probably want a controller with a dpad that isn't shit. XB1 controllers are therefore a far better choice - it's better in every way and it has a decent dpad. If money is really an issue, then yeah 360 controllers would be your next choice.

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20 hours ago, VN1X said:

So far the monthly bundle has been very underwhelming for me. I'm fully expecting to give away all of the games, again... 


Perhaps you aren't the best person to subscribe if you already have most of the stuff that comes up!


I loved this month, didn't have any of the games except Overcooked, and I had that on the PS4 so it was good to get a PC copy.

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its not so much having the games, its having no interest in playing them. this has not been the case each month, but this month was a stinker for me!


like for instance, next months "big game" being Killing floor 2, which i have no interest in at all, but, if thats the main game, there could well be some good stuff in the others...well, hopefully!



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