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My Wireless Receiver arrived this morning, had a bit of trouble getting the thing installed correctly though as my MotionInJoy drivers kept intercepting it when I plugged it in! :)

Works like charm, Bastion now controls perfectly ( I could not get the hang of the mouse in it ) & Borderlands is nice too, although I'm still not 100% about the FOV & I can't seem to get the sensitivity right for the camera.

I'm downloading Dead Island now, as I understand it supports it directly & I have Costume Quest to play too. :)

It's just a shame ( for me ) that Stalker & The Witcher seem to be too mouse & keyboard orientated for me to use my controller for them too.

Very happy so far though, going to have to have a search around to find out which other titles natively support it now.

Thanks for all the advice earlier in the thread. :)

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Short public information service announcement

Stay the fuck away from Prototype 2

that is all.

Terrible port ?

I loved the game on 360, one of my favourite games this year, and was hoping to get the PC version sometime. You on about what you think of the game or just the port itself as I'm more interested in port quality.

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I get about one "forgotten your password" email a month from Steam so am guessing this happens to everyone and it's just people trying to get into random accounts?

I had one that definitely wasn't from anything I did (although I do get these emails oh so regularly of my own doing), so I shit myself and changed my password. Nothing suspect since.

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Wired keyboard (Corsair K60) with either a wireless (Logitech MX Revolution) or wired (one of the Logitech COD ones) mouse depending on what I feel like.

For UI control and passwords when I'm using the computer on the TV I use one of these:


Bluetooth so it's got decent range, it's rechargeable and doubles as a trackpad. It's also got a laser pointer in it!

What is this? Looks like something I'd be interested in.

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I have something similar for browsing, chatting and launching games when I'm sitting on the couch. A Trust Thinity wireless keyboard:


No bluetooth though, but the best thing is that it comes with a charging dock so I never have to worry about its battery. As far as gaming goes I tried using wireless keyboards and mice back when I started with PC gaming but I quickly discovered that it was terrible. So now I play m+kb games sat at my desk on a 24" monitor and only joypad-compatible games (sometimes helped along with Xpadder) on the telly.

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It's a nice little keyboard with a few caveats.

The main one would be battery life, which isn't phenomenal. The unit does charge via Micro USB though so you could just connect it to your PC overnight. There are also two versions available, Bluetooth and Wireless 2.4GHz. The Bluetooth one is the one to get by all accounts, as the 2.4GHz one doesn't have great range. The most annoying thing for me is that the keys aren't offset like a normal keyboard, but that's a small price to pay for such a useful gadget.

I wouldn't want to write a novel with it, but I do recommend it. I'll probably be picking up the latest version for use with my new PC. This one has infra red so you can control your TV with it!

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Yeah, it's tiny.

Blimey, that is small. Perfect for what I want at the moment, though. And better than the virtual keyboard I'm using just now. Using that to type in URLs and fiddle up with the Steam frontend and the like would be great, while gaming is done on a pad. Small enough to sit on the sofa armrest, too!

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Ergh that Prototype 2 mauling was awful, it's a brilliant game and I wouldn't let that video put you off.

When you're knee deep in baddies with copters tanks and an army tying to murder you while the other enemies are trying to do the same you won't give a flying fuck if a car bumper texture isn't detailed to the nth degree.

Also playing with a mouse and keyboard would be horrible (to me anyway) but I know some of you prefer it, each to thier own but it clearly wasn't meant to be played like that.

I've said it before but Prototype 1&2 are the best games of all time for making you feel like a proper badass killing machine, you feel powerful!

Definitely one of my GOTYs still.

So yeah, don't be put off by that video, he's making mountains out of molehills and clearly overlooking the actual gameplay.

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