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Steam - UI Overhaul Out Now

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Dunno where else to put this except here for my steambros, but i only just realised Max Payne 2's widescreen fuck up is totally fixed now if you use flawless widescreen!


Im not sure how recent the fix is, but its news to me. I read online some while back that there was no, and never would be, a fix to get the game into a proper widescreen res because of how it was programmed or some shit. I only noticed a plugin for MP2 on saturday night and tried it out, the main menu is squashed to 4:3 res but in game is perfect, no more Max looking like a stunted dwarf!! Before and after:



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Started playing Anna which I picked up in the latest sale, I must admit I didn't read any reviews and just looked at the graphics which had a very nice style and it was only a couple of quid so worth a punt.

Whilst the graphics are very nice it has the most stupid puzzles you can possibly imagine! At the start there's 2 big boulders blocking a stream which you can't move with your hands, yet you pick up a small twig and are able to lever them out of the way, open a door by putting a pinecone in a slot and setting fire to it, oh and don't forget putting it out after to complete the puzzle. And the bit with the ciggerette lighter at the start where to see in a hole under the stone steps you dont use the cigerrete lighter to see, you have to use the lighter on a small branch to set it on fire under there to see


Meh i'll stick with it but I am tempted to just read a walkthrough and finish it, a good opportunity wasted it seems.

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Fuck sake, keep getting timeout errors when joining a server in NSII. Even when I finally managed to join it will give me the same error again. I had the same problem with Killing Floor a while back.

Any suggestions?

Try this: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showpost.php?p=516832&postcount=4

Had the same issue over the weekend in NS2 and followed the instructions to telnet to my o2 router and fix it. Should sort out Killing Floor as well.

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Try this: http://forums.tripwi...832&postcount=4

Had the same issue over the weekend in NS2 and followed the instructions to telnet to my o2 router and fix it. Should sort out Killing Floor as well.

Yeah followed that guide before, only to find out my router does not support telnet or whatever. In any case, I got the right log-in info but I'm just not allowed to enter it. Others have said that the option is basically blocked off with our router then.

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Is Stream going to get a proper Windows 8 Store app then?

It would be lovely with live tiles etc, although I can understand if MS / Valve are a bit funny about it. Is there any problem with releasing an app store in the app store (cos I heard you like storing apps) and have the two companies said anythig regarding it?


Sounds like Valve still hate Windows 8.

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Linux steam beta has started! and some smart guy already found a way around the 'limited to 1000 testers only'-process :)

how to install:

1) install deb

2) log in and get beta only message

3) close steam

4) sign in to steam community https://steamcommunity.com/ and message a friend that is online

5) steam launches without 'beta only' message

(can't post a link to the .deb right now coz the forums are down)

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Hands up then, who has been illegally downloading their mice, Razer always online DRM?

You can still use the mouse as a basic mouse but as the guy says, who buys a Naga to use as a basic mouse.

It seems to be a method to allow them to track usage for selling to third parties. Shit behaviour but unfortunately not particularly surprising these days.

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