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Competition Closed: Winner Announced


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Competition time! Yay!

Ok, change of rules, but that is fine as nobody has entered yet. I now have, up for grabs, one entire UK Mario set including;

1 X Flagpole

1 X Pikmin

1 X Mushroom Mural

1 X Starman

1 X Cannon

1 X Super Mushroom

The going rate for this on the black market* is 1 - 2 million bells!

But that's not all, I also have, to complete the set, the USA exclusive items which are;

1 X 1UP Mushroom

1 X Firebar

1 X ? Box

Add these on and we bring the potential total to 2.3 million bells!

To win all of these goodies, simply tell a funny story that has happened to you in ACWW. A photo or drawing as well, will surely win added points. The best story wins the swag.

Have as many entries as you like, the winner will be announced a week on Sunday (13th), around tea time.

There is also a runners up prize of a Starman.

Good luck.

*animalcrossingcommunity.com boards. The value of stock may go up or down in value.

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Not really got any funny stories, life in Leonardo is plain and dull, just the way I like it :lol:

I have been sending a "Men's toilet" around all my villagers though. After a few days it always appears in the recycling bin...think about 6 of my townfolk have had it so far :lol:

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Well, I got in a spat of trouble with Frobert, my irritating frog. He was always going around, blathering about his rigorous training and his muscles. Clearly he overdid it on the steroids because he was getting aggressive and far too cocky for his own good. When I refused to get him a shirt to show off his physique he literally threatened to 'wreck' me. Although he immediately added he was just kidding I couldn't let this lie. Frobert needed to remember who to respect in Rotown.

With the help of the AC Mob we induced a terror campaign against the hapless frog. I talked to him about his kneecaps and Slik wrote a letter going into detail what would happen to him. His house was close to the waterfront so I first isolated him with holes and later slik surrounded his frontdoor with a pitfall minefield (causing some innocent victims, but hey...).

Promptly Frobert fell into a deep state of fear, made worse by paranoia from his steroid abuse. He got sick and didn't leave the house for two weeks. I made sure to visit him everyday and publicly deny him medicine and making him generally feel unwelcome and alone.

Only recently did he dare go for a walk again. I decided to let him think it's ok, but one day, when he least expects...

You simply don't mess around with the Don of Rotown.


The strange thing is, Frobert never made any attempt to leave, while some of my favourites have.

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Although Stifler's 'men's toilet' story is good and indeed made me chuckle, taiAtari's story of Mob brutality in Rotown is clearly winning thus far. Keep 'em coming everybody.

Does anybody NOT entering fancy helping me judge so all is fair and to avoid the cries of fixing? I'm sure I'll be able to come up with a suitable gift for your efforts.

I also now have a runner's up prize of a Starman. Yay!

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Thanks for the offer RandomHero, it is appreciated. However, you were a little slow out of the blocks, Alex offered to help me judge last night. Thanks again though.

Anyway, we all want to hear more about Tom Nook's Fight Club evenings!

With regard to banishing you, I haven't decided yet. Have you stopped nicking and selling peoples fruit and generally littering?

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Does it have to be a story of game residents? Can I do the slik dress up story in NornIron? (got another outfit for my tanned mates too!)

lottery I made for the jacobs ladder?

Either of those would be good with drawings! ;) Any story ACWW related is fine.

My tan is now back.

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Not funny at all really, but it made me smile:

Joey (wherever he is now...) was asking for yellow furniture. So I gave him a yellow cone. He was fairly grateful, and for my reward he gave me... a lemon table. (Guess which colour it is!)

So, a couple of 'conversations' later and he's back asking for yellow stuff again. He gets the table back. He then proclaims I'm his best friend, and gives me a cash register- which is apparently yellow as well, so goes straight back to him.

So he clearly doesn't like yellow furniture that much, or he wouldn't keep giving it away...

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Either of those would be good with drawings! :) Any story ACWW related is fine.

My tan is now back.

No drawings but here goes

SO.... I was new to this whole wifi thing, on AC, didnt even know we could have different styles of characters until I met folks online, but I digress on with the story:

I had met and played with Alex and Slik and a few others and one evening decided to see who was online, and low and behold slik was, so went over for a visit!

Now when I reached his town I was suprised to say the least.

Slik had been sun bathing,

I mean really sun bathing, the contrast between him and me was now something like this:-









anyway this was quite a shock, I was suprised you could even get a tan, never mind the extreme contrast slik had managed.

So being an artist at heart this inspired me to create, and I made a new outfit for him,

Basically using a hair piece and a custom t-shirt I made him into this!







much "I pity the fool" antics ensued and we had a laught trying the set on.

I have since made a new costume, but was waiting for slick to get his tan back to maximise the comedy effect!

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Yay! Something funny happened today, in sunny Dorvan. So I was walking around my town, watering all the plants. When I spot Nibbles and Bluebear by the post office, having a wee chat. So I run up and press A, which lets me see what they're saying to each other.

It seems they're having a bit of an argument, about who is the cutest! This goes on, with them both trying to get the upper hand. Then they both walk off in a fit of anger. Probably avoiding each other, for the rest of the week.

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The girls of Sonebe

Nan used to be a lovely girl, a perfectly nice and friendly girl. However, the problems started when I discovered that she wanted a Playstation 3.

Not having a computer, she didn’t have access to any E3 news, instead relying on me for updates. Of course after watching the Sony E3 conference any update I was going to give her was never going to a positive one. Even still, I don’t think anyone could have predicted the depths of despair that the Sony conference would send Nan spiralling into.

The following picture, taken when I was recovering from a terrible accident involving an elephant slide falling on my head after I shook a tree, shows the extent of the horror felt by Nan as I told her the news. I think the worst part for Nan was that at 599 US dollars, she realised that she could never afford a PS3.


Her mental state quickly declined – she didn’t leave her house for days, instead preferring to stay in and completely replace her furniture with fish (as you’ll see in one of the following pictures). Finally, when she did manage to force herself to leave the house it became apparent that she had suffered some kind of mental breakdown that had basically turned her into Rllmuk's biglime (a.k.a. Robert Florence), one of the presenters from her favourite TV show, videoGaiden. She just couldn't stop using phrases that she had heard on the show:


Unfortunately, this situation has only got worse since – just look at the following pictures to see how her vocabulary is changing. She seems to be using a mixture of terms related to gaming and phrases that biglime himself might use in real life*.


But what if this continues? Where will it end? Could this picture below be an accurate representation of what we could expect in the future?


And as if Nan losing her mind isn’t bad enough, one of the other girls in my town, the cute pink squirrel Peanut, seems to be in love with Slik:


I really thought she was my Peanut but look at her eyes, the real truth is undeniable. Slik, the bad thing about this situation is that you said that you’re after Nibbles and Bluebear in post 18 of this very topic and that, sadly, leads me to believe that the love Peanut feels is unrequited.

Poor Peanut. :P


*biglime likes pies, right? If he doesn't I'll tell Nan off for suggesting that he does.

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Great pictures, entertaining and funny. Good work fella, very good work.

If anybody else wants a chance at the Mario Set at tea time today, they better get cracking with some work up to the above standard. COME ON! Everybody playing this game has funny stories, share it and you might win a prize!

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Woo! You win the grand prize! Woo! A veritable Mario Musuem awaits delivery directly to your town

RUNNER UP: taiAtari

Well done you are the runner up and accordingly win a Starman.

DocNI gets a honourable mention and wins a Lucky Cat for his efforts.

Congratulations to all! :)

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