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Issue 28 of Retro Gamer


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I dislike pseudo-intellectual babble at the best of times, but that is poorly written. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.

The worst thing was this:

"The game is divided into rooms where the third and the fourth wall have been taken out. The player is looking down on the scene from a corner. She assumes a neutral third-person stance and a low-flying bird's or an insect's point of view."

I don't understand why the author feels the need to defy convention (in that most people refer to everything as "he" if they're talking about a singular person, or in some cases defy correct grammer by saying "they"), and has to talk about the player being a "she", when, let's be honest here, most people who owned 8-bit micros were male. What is the point?

I had to stop before reaching figure 3, because to be honest, I think I'd rather be working than read through that (I was reading purely for research you understand, not an attempt to avoid work - honest). Not an enjoyable read.

IMHO, of course.

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Good issue - but I'd love to have seen more about the CREATION of Starfox (the characters, the level design).

I was only able to talk to Jez San and as he states Argonaut didn't have any input in the creation of the actual characters or levels - that was all done by Nintendo, with Argonaut's technical assistance. I would have loved to involve Nintendo but I doubt they would have accepted the offer, and San's insightful (not to mention anti-Nintendo) comments would have almost certainly been cut out as a result.

Glad you liked the feature though mate. <_<

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It's a game it doesn't stand up to intellectual disection or discussion no matter how much people want it to.


I remember back in the day when people actually bought games just to play them and have fun. Such innocent times. :(

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