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Dutchy tries UK foodstuffs


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Henderson's is ace. Walking past the place it's made with a hangover on the way to work is not, however. :( Manufacture of non-brewed condiment does not give off the nicest of smells!

The also have a natty range of orange t-shirts with 'Strong and Northern' written on them.

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I could buy you a bottle and send it, I guess. Are little glass bottles ok by post if you wrap them in lots of bubble wrap? :(

Well that's not neccesary, if you say it's a bit like worchehststetsrst whatever shire sauce, which I've had more than once. :wub:

Glass ware wouldn't be handy in the post anyways. Unless you can find a plactic bottle of it.

If you do, I'll send you and Dork Knight a piece of cumin cheese.

I'm actually eating a chunk of cumin cheese right now. Bit of mustard with it...mmmmmm!

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Wuss-ter-sher :(

You guys get pickled onions? How about rollmop herrings?...

Check! "Wuss-ters-her" B)

Yeah pickled mini onions in a jar in sweet-sour fluid. Rollmop herrings have that sour taste as well over here.

A real delicacy is salty herring. It's, like rollmop or sushi, raw fish. It's soft because of the salt treatment, which really surprised my British mates when they came over here for a meet and tasted this. Needs to be served with raw chopped oinion.

Check these out over there:



The proper way to eat it: let it slide holding it by the tail.

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Opposite to this thread I tried some random Dutch foodstuffs last night. I had honey liquorice, salted liquorice, a sweet that was like a hard marshmallow and some brown salt-like powder that you eat like sherbert.

Rank, Rank, Nice, Rank. In that order!

In this order?





This is not what you may think it is.


God knows what you would walk out of a shop with in the South Wales Valley if you asked for some Smac(k):(


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Smelling salts. Inhaling the stuff is like inhaling a mixture of ammonia and hydrochloric acid vapours: it triggers a coughing reflex strong enough to bring someone around from unconsciousness.

Edit - Turns out that the classic smelling salt is ammonium carbonate, but I stick by my assertion.

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You eat it?! I'd probably stick it down my toilet to clear a blockage!

It's a whole foodgroup over here, although in powder form you usually get it in straws or as a packet of 'zoete beertjes'. It looks greyish and is called ' zwart wit' (black white), not really white like that picture. There is white powder candy, but this is fresh/sour (or rather, acidic... :lol: ). If you are interested (and brave) you can get a load of Dutch candy here.

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He needs to try black pudding, obviously.

.::: We have that in the Netherlands already. It's called 'bloedworst' (blood-sausage).

You eat it?! I'd probably stick it down my toilet to clear a blockage!

.::: Eat it? I LIVE ON IT.

Having no 'drop' at home is a sin.

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