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Moving a resident out...

Sprite Machine

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Yeah, no worries. It's easy to do. You go into the civic centre and tell them you're moving. Then you start up the new game on another DS and choose immigration from the menu. Then you initiate a search at the same time on both, and it transfers the character over.

Since the second DS has a blank town, it starts your transfered character in the cab with the Cap'n, and then you name the town as normal. You don't have to redo Nook's jobs, but you do start again with a fresh (small) house. You keep any items you were holding, and letters you saved.

Clever stuff! :lol:

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Cool, thanks for the explanation.

So you could, with 10 letters, take 25 items with you. Hmm, it would have to be rare items, pictures and maybe 200K to start you out with, I reckon.

I assume you have to start your catalogue again?

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