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Good Acoustic Albums


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I'm a big fan of Turin Brakes, particularly their debut album - THE OPTIMIST LP. You should be able to find that cheap in most major chain stores and online.

is that more emotional rock or cheerful acoustic? i'm really into the emotional stuff, like Jeff Buckley, but acoustic <_<

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Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

M.Ward - The Transfiguration of Vincent

Animal Collective - Sung Tongs (A bit weird acoustic this one, as is Panda Bear's 'Young Prayer' Which is also well worth checking out)

Beirut - Gulag Orkester (Acoustic with lots of brass!)

Cyan & Benn - Happy Like An Autumn Tree (Kinda acoustic-elctro)

Jim O'Rourke - Eureka

Iron & Wine - The Creek Drank The Cradle

CocoRosie - La Maison de mon Reve

Vashti Bunyan - Just Another Diamond Day

and Tape - Rideau (is supposedly very good)

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whats the best album by them? Just checked HMV, and they got plenty

the calexico collaboration mini album is supposedly very good, but out of the ones i've heard, The Creek Drank The Cradle is my favourite.

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I've been enjoying Stuart A Staples' Leaving Songs quite a lot recently. The cover looks like this:


It's quite acoustic I suppose.

Here's a track for you to try, called Goodbye To Old Friends.

The tracks are pretty much all as acoustic as this, with other instruments coming in (a bit of clean electric guitar, horns and piano occasionally). But they do all have that laid back kind of feel, and they're pretty much all built up around acoustic guitar bits, if that makes sense. Also, he has this great voice, really gravelly and it packs quite an emotional hit. Some of the songs are real standouts (like this one I've posted, and a couple of others), but the whole album is pretty strong.

Actually, thinking about it, it's probably not as acoustic as something like Nick Drake (who I find a bit boring actually), or Bright Eyes (ditto), but it is great.

Yeah, give it a try, guy!

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Not pure acoustic, but lots of simple guitar goodness IMO

Kings of Convenience - Riot On An Empty Street

Thomas Dybdahl - That Great October Sound, Stray Dogs, John Wayne EP, One Day You'll Dance For Me New York City

Turin Brakes - The Optimist, Ether Song

Some of my all-time favourite songs in that bunch of albums...

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God yeah, I can't stand him. I loved it when he got shit-faced on drugs at Glasto last year, laid into how much of a twat John Peel was and mumbled through a shambolic set, occasionally hurling abuse at the crowd.

This is the main base for my views on him. What a twat

What about the MTV Unplugged or AT&T Acoustic series?

Good point. The Bob Dylan MTV Unplugged album is absolutely amazing. As is, of course, the classic Nirvana one.

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Kristen Hersh - Hips and Makers

Ben & Jason - Hello, or anything else they've ever done

Gillian Welch - especially Time (the Revelator) ( the guitaring on that album is amaaaazing, btw)

Smog - start with The Doctor Came at Dawn

Palace - My fave is 'arise, therefore' and 'viva last blues' for sheer fragility and beauty. Swoon.

I like that advert on the telly, the one for "Great Acoustic Sounds" or some shit, and it shows clips of all undeniably non-acoustic stuff that someone with an acoustic guitar may have been sitting near whilst it was being recorded, possibly. Brilliant.

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