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Jeff Minter's next bound for Live Arcade


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I think he mentioned the swearing was for when people linked to his pictures, or something.

Yep, a certain individual was making nasty comment's on Yak's blog and hotlinked to the pictures.

It's... trippy. And completely unrelated to Unity on the Gamecube.

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A game. The visuals are based on effects from the Neon lightsynth that is built into the Xbox 360 (there is a separate PC version of Neon, and the game, too)

.::: OK. The effects are so saturated it's hard to see exactly what is happening. At all.

I'm interested but just like Neon, I'm guessing I need to sit down with it properly with the manual next to me. :P

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so is the swearing part of the game or just the images? It'd be pretty funny if fluff fucker just came up on screen for no reason while you were playing.

Hehe, I think even Micro$oft's evaluation department might spot that before it's released :P

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Jeff Minter won't stop until someone is hospitalised after being overwhelmed with serious strobing colour overload.


Some less stroberloaded piccies here:


Along with some discussion about how the visuals work with the game. Go to the start of the thread for a little bit of chat about the game's mechanics

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so is the swearing part of the game or just the images? It'd be pretty funny if fluff fucker just came up on screen for no reason while you were playing.

no, its to stop mainstream gaming sites hosting the images, though some of them arent very offensive to yanks...

still looks like a goa trancers vomit bag though...

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Looks like Tempest.

Actually it looks like a Tempest where you can't make out your ship, the tracks or the enemy most of the time.


Where were you lot a fortnight ago? I was at the YakYak boards...

Well, the initial levels *are* a bit Tempest 2000/3000-ish, because after all the new game is intended to be a kind of sequel to that series. So it begins in a way that has continuity with those.

It's intended that it'll be a progression, though, rather than just another iteration of TxK, and so as you move through the game it'll expand from shooting on one edge of a surface to shooting on two edges (a bit like in Laser Zone) and eventually 4 edges, in a manner somewhat akin to Hell Gate. At each of these transition points the controls will naturally change somewhat (but still keep some kind of coherence throughout), as will the viewpoint and the natur of the surface upon which you move.

It is possible that some later levels will see you moving within the surface rather than just at the edge, but if that happens you won't be shooting in a Robotron style - I want to avoid that because so many existing XBLA games are that way.

There will of course be more enemy styles than in T2K/T3K, according to the way the game will evolve, but the basic structure of gameplay will be along the lines of TxK and Llamatron - bossless, continuous fast spectacular action, lots of powerups, lots of levels.

Since the whole game is rendered in terms of Neon effects, each part of the game can be rendered and treated in a Neon stack and combined in loads of differemt ways, and can run on top of a full Neon effect (the Neon engine has been expanded to 16 stacks to allow for this) each level will itself be tuned and polished to effectively be a unique Neon effect in its own right, so they will all look different and some of them I can make look pretty wild ;).

In fact making the game "work" as Neon effects has been one of the hardest things. The requirement for something to work well in Neon means that the way in which things are rendered is quite different from the "normal" way you do a game.

I intend to support the camera and, provided there is room, make as unlockables some cam-enabled Neon effects for the user to have even though MS decided in the end not to upgrade neon to support the cam. So by playing the game x360 users will at least get the chance to Bez :).

We intend for the game to be cheap as chips too. Probably 400 points. I want lots of people to be able to enjoy it, and to get those extra Neon effects out there.

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