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CounterStrike (Xbox)


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WHSmiths, if they have any left, it's £1.99.

I guess we should schedule a session then. Do we want a regular weekly night? When's good?

Monday night, maybe? 9pm?

Might well be on tomorrow, as well, if people are about?

I'm bad at organisation, by the way. :P

Ahh it's easy - We'll just follow the Links 2004 system:

Date: Monday 11th September

Time: 9pm - Midnight

1. MW_Jimmy






Stick your name down if you plan on turning up - maximum of 12 people.

Also: We not having a session tonight then Panda?

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1. MW_Jimmy

2. geldra

3. Panda

4. Verylonewolf

5. Donk

6. Preacher

7. Bilco

8. bph



I forgot to cancel my pre-order of Dead Rising so depending on how good that is, I may pop on tonight also if anyone is about.

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Just caved in and got this. Used to play this a lot on the PC back in the day, actually tried to get to grips with beta one but didn't have enough bandwidth back then. Started properly with beta 5 when the Colt still had a scope. Never tried the Xbox version so will probably be crap, but I'll remember the maps I guess...

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Haha, CS Xbox, I used to play it all the time. In retrospect, it probably was a bit shit, and no-one used to play any maps apart from Miami and Milita, maybe Dust 2 or Aztec from time to time. But, I really did love the game. Not sure if I could go back to it now though, 3 years of Halo 2 might have fucked up my game a bit.

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