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The Dance Music Recommendations Thread


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So I was just giving my mum a lift somewhere in the car, listening to a classic essential mix from '97 (on cassette no less) by Timmy S. Some fine tech-house business with a healthy dollop of TB-303 goodness. Anyway, mum says "oh, I haven't heard this sound for ages. I can't really describe it, but isn't it a BT type of thing?"

My mum, at 50, still loves the acid :)

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That ruins the fun.

I think the appeal of starting a new thread is, newcomers are more enclined to post. 5 pages (and it is 5 pages, acid :)) in and people might be put off reading.

I may be wrong, but I think that's what the hip-hop lot do.

you are wrong :lol:

I have not been in the music folder much before but oh I do love the electronica/dance and all that jazz.

I used to do dj'ing when I was fifteen, but suddenly I began programming instead and sold my dj equipment because my father would only complain of loud noise.

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There's not a whole lot going on this release, one track ("Intentionally Left Blank") is just two minutes of silence. How's that for minimal? :(

There's a slight change of style here, it moves into techno territory in the second half. 10101, Flute and Lump are alright, there's a lot of randomness elsewhere.

It's not so much an album as an EP collection, supposed to have a proper album coming next year. I don't think I care anymore though.

This came through last week and I have just listened to it.Or rather endured it.Did he set out to make the whole thing as unlistenable as possible?I was expecting good things but this is like a collection of bedroom demos that have leaked out.And bad ones at that.

Prior to this I liked his stuff but this has to be a joke.Leaving a track blank wasnt funny years ago and is not funny now.

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Been getting into a couple of albums I hadn't listened to much when I first got them. Namely, the Fabric mixes by Rub N Tug and Evil Nine. The latter of which contains some of the biggest, dirtiest beats I've heard all year in the form of Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen [Ruined by Justice] and The Kreeps- All I Wanna Do Is Break Some Hearts [boys Noize Remix 2]. Amazing stuff.


Following on with this trend of noisy beats, bass, synths and a bit of guitar. I got a great DJ mix off MySpace yesterday by a German chap called Shir Khan. It's got the funk and the thump. And Roxy Music. Check it out:




Shir Khan-Intro vs Poj Masta Superchunk XFM-Intro

Tiefschwarz feat. Matty Safer - Warning Siren (Buick Project Rmx) / FINE

Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone (Digitalism's Klix Klax R-R-Remix) / KITSUNE

Rw - Lovelight (Soulwax Ravelight Dub) / LOVE01 vs Spektrum - Horny Pony (Acapella) / NONSTOP

Gossip - Standing in the way of control (Soulwax Nite Version) / BACK YARD

Kelis - Bossy (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Earth Out Rmx) / VIRGIN

Spektrum - Dont be shy (Speakerjunk Rmx) / NONSTOP

Basement Jaxx - Take me back to your house (Speakerjunk Rmx) / XL

Bodyrockers - Round&Round (Switch Rmx) / MERCURY

Fatboy Slim - Champion Sound (Switch Rmx) / SKINT vs Fox n Wolf - In yr Underwear (Jesper Dahlbäck Rmx) / KITSUNE

Klaxons - Magick (Simian Mobile Disco Rmx) / RINSE

Tacteel - L'hiver vous va si bien (Zdar a Bass Rmx) / INSTITUBES

Van She - Kelly (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke Rmx) / MODULAR

Scissor Sisters - White Diet (Erol Alkan Rmx) / WHITE DIET01

The Rapture - Get myself into it (Sebastian Rmx) / WHITE

Depeche Mode - Never let me down (Digitalism Rmx) / WHITE

Cassius - Toop Toop (Mr Oizo Rmx) / VIRGIN vs Shadow Dancer - Landlines / UNSIGNED

Run DMC - Its tricky (club mix) / PROFILE vs Jackson 5 - State of Shock (Instr) / CBS vs Jean Ai Nippon&Orgasmic - Laura / ARCADEMODE

Mekon - Yes Yes Y'all (Duke Dumont Rmx) / WALL OF SOUND

Djs are not Rockstars - European Accent / ESKIMO

Marco Dos Santos featuring Zita Lotis - Not on the Guestlist / KITSUNE

CSS - Alala / SUB POP

I:Cube - East Tribe / VERSATILE

Putsch 79 - Doin it (Putsch 79 Edit) / CLONE

The Ones - Picture Perfect (The Rapture Hushhush Rmx) / ATOC

The Glimmers - Time for Action / DISKIMO 6001

Dondolo - Tetanus Crisis (Hot Chip Rmx) / TINY STICKS

Roxy Music - Angel Eyes (Kaos Rmx) / VIRGIN

Jona - Someone (FlylikeanEagleMixClaudeVonStroke) / STROBEMUSIC

Luke Solomon - Ghouls (ClaudeVonStroke Beats from the Grave) / REKID

Hell - Let no man jack (Radio Slave Acapella+Fx) / ESKIMO

Osymyso - Hulk Goodbye / ANTIDOTE

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  • 2 weeks later...

New mix up, people: -


Adverse Camber - Twinkle

1. Probspot - Heatsink

2. Vadim Soloviev - Atlantic Point

3. David West - Make You Mine (Mike Shiver's Garden State Dub)

4. Sean Tyas - Lift (Sean Tyas Rework)

5. Lange vs. Gareth Emery - Another You, Another Me

6. Jaytech - Neon Void

7. Jose Amnesia feat. Jennifer Rene - Louder

8. Duderstadt - Muhanjala

Available for download here.

Or right click here.

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Your taste is improving Keith, or mine is getting worse! I'm 18 minutes in and it's so far so good with the Twinkle mix. The breaks track at the start was nice and this current one is quality stuff.

Hahah, either way I'm pleased. I think it's certainly my personal favourite. A good mix of stuff. Lemmie know how the rest went. The fact you haven't posted worries me slightly. :D

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Well I got to the end, though there were a couple of less good tracks in the middle. Why do you always spoil things with a dodgy vocal? I've passed the link on to my friend too, who said:

"thanks for the trance, was fucking well phat, i turned it right up when it got chunky"

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Well I got to the end, though there were a couple of less good tracks in the middle. Why do you always spoil things with a dodgy vocal? I've passed the link on to my friend too, who said:

"thanks for the trance, was fucking well phat, i turned it right up when it got chunky"

No, no. I love that dodgy vocal. That's a quality vocal. Really grows on you. Trust me. :angry:

I have no idea what your mate is talking about though. Is it English?

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i dunno how acceptable this is, but i've been given the ridge racer 7 soundtrack and there's some fantastic tunes on there. here's a few of my current faves

hiroshi okubo - transparency (i think this is my fave fave out of the lot. love it)

akitaka tohyama - turn me on

ryuichi takada - down to earth

samplingmasters aya - nitro witch

samplingmasters mega - listen up!

sanodg - hard drive

tetsukazu nakanishi - awakening

esti - kaleidoscope and supercruiser

boyd jarvis - don't deny love

cafe negro - in your eyes

dirty harry - big city blues

echologist - dub minded

from p-60 - slow movements in the night

hiroshi w - bad house music and scapegoat

joshua collins - falling up ward

roman.s - music @ space

tomo inoue - cross saw funk

if anyone wants to sample these tunes, shoot me a message and i'll upload them somewhere (if you tell me where to find a good host!)

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