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Destiny: FIN

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Weekly reset 5 - 11 September 
The one where you do stuff for loot boxes that will be destroyed within 24 hours along with everything else you ever had apart from the goofy face of that character you created in 2014 while drunk just for lols, if only I could keep my guns and money and light and Ghaul would take my face.
featured raid: Bob’s Migraine
nightfall: The Audible Sigh (Unpleasant Discharge/Facepalm/Upside Down Guns/Ennui)
heroic strikes: Cheeky Bullets/Chiropodist/Casual Racism
weekly story playlist: Savage Nuneaton (Nonchalant/Indifferent)
featured crucible: Leeks
other crucible: Capture the Cat/Pudding Fight/3v1 Shitshow/Tramp Ambush/KKK Rally


This will be the last regular update to the Destiny thread. End Times. End.



Patch Notes for AoT:





2.6.0 The one about Age of Triumph.



  • A  Raid playlist is now available featuring one Raid in the director each week
    • Recommended Light level: 390
    • New Weapons, Armor, Armor Ornaments, Ghosts, Sparrows, Shaders and Emblems to discover
    • Players will receive one Age of Triumph Armor Ornament token for successful completion of the featured Raid (once per week per account)
    • All Challenge Modes are enabled on the weekly featured Raid
      • Players will receive one Age of Triumph Armor Ornament token for successful completion of Challenge Modes (once per character, per Challenge Mode, per week)
    • Players will receive a "Knuckles of Eao" by completing a featured Raid's opening encounter (once per week, per account)
      • Use Knuckles of Eao then defeat a Raid boss in the weekly featured playlist to receive extra rewards
      • Knuckles of Eao consumables stack to a maximum of 5
    • Three of Coins should now activate on the following bosses:
      • Templar
      • Atheon
      • Ir-yut
      • Crota
    • Added Challenge Modes to the following Encounters:
      • Atheon
      • Templar
      • Ir-yut
      • Crota
    • Fixed an issue where killing Ir-Yut would not always end the Deathsinger encounter and players would have to deal with infinitely respawning Knights
    • Removed a condition that prevented Fireteams of less than three from progressing past the Gorgons in the Vault of Glass
    • Fixed an issue where one of the door switches in the second Vosik encounter was partially obscured by the wall and difficult to hit with a SIVA Charge


Crucible Director

  • Updated core nodes to cycle between available activities on a weekly cadence:
    • Node 1 cycles between Control and Clash
    • Node 2 cycles between Rift and Supremacy
    • Node 3 cycles between Elimination and Trials of Osiris (on weekend only)
    • Node 4 cycles between Skirmish and Salvage
    • Node 5 cycles between Rumble and Rumble Supremacy
  • Weekly Featured Crucible activities consolidated into a single node
    • Weekly Featured activities include Combined Arms, Zone Control, Mayhem Clash, Mayhem Rumble and Doubles
    • Classic playlists have been removed, players who do not own Rise of Iron can now access the Weekly Featured Crucible activity

Crucible Bounties

  • Updated Crucible Daily Bounties to be more inclusive, no longer requiring specific Subclasses or Fireteams
  • Added new Weekly Crucible Weapon Bounties to the Crucible Quartermaster
    • Possible Weapon rewards include items from the Crucible Vendor, Crucible Playlists, Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris
  • Lord Shaxx will now offer his Weekly Bounty for both available 6v6 modes each week
  • Trials of Osiris Bounties have been updated:
    • Existing Bounties will remain in your inventory and can be completed to acquire their respective rewards
    • New versions of the Bounties will now be offered by Brother Vance and can be completed daily when Trials of Osiris is active
    • Armor and Weapon rewards from Bounties updated to include all non-adept Y3 items


  • Crucible Quest chain from Lord Shaxx has been removed, you can complete the current quest you are on but will not acquire the next quest in the chain

Iron Banner

  • Dusty Iron Engrams updated to decrypt immediately upon purchase
  • Dusty Iron Engrams now have a chance to contain Year 2 Iron Companion Armor
  • Iron Banner match rewards updated to include Year 2 Iron Companion Armor
  • Slightly increased chance for Year 1 and Year 2 armor rewards from Iron Banner matches
  • Support added for Iron Banner Mayhem Clash
  • Some vendor items on Efrideet have had their rolls updated

Trials of Osiris/Elimination

  • Fixed an issue where a player on the surviving team could use Fireborn to cause the round to continue even when all enemies were dead


  • Made Special Ammo crates instantly refill your Special Weapon on pickup
  • Disabled Join-in-Progress for Rumble playlists if any player has at least 100 points

Private Matches

  • Removed Power and Vehicle options, added Ammo and Respawn options that vary by mode:
    • Ammunition -  Default, No Special, No Heavy, No Ammo Crates
    • Respawns - Teammate Revives, Instant, After 3 Seconds, After 5 Seconds, After 10 Seconds
    • Vehicles are now enabled on maps that support them, except in Inferno modes
    • Round Time options adjusted for Elimination to default to 90 seconds to match the playlist setting


  • Fixed an issue where players were able to leave the intended playable area on Icarus and Skyline


  • Fixed an issue where Plaguelands patrols were not dropping collection items


  • Grimoire card "SRL: Sparrow Racing" can now also be earned from Private Matches using the Sparrow Racing gametype
  • Players who have acquired the Y3 Khvostov will be awarded all Grimoire cards for the Khvostov Manual pages (including pages 1, 15, and 17) upon entering Orbit
  • Players will now be awarded with the Y1 Icebreaker Grimoire card upon acquiring the Y3 Icebreaker. Players who have already acquired the Y3 Icebreaker will receive the card upon entering Orbit


  • Health Regen changes:
    • Changes reverted:
      • Suros Legacy perk
      • No Backup Plans
      • Ward of Dawn cast
      • Apotheosis Veil
      • Embrace the Void
    • Kept the recent changes, but increased the amount of Health/Shield given per kill from 36 to 57:
      • Hungering Blade
      • Transfusion: Cooldown was also removed
      • Cauterize: Cooldown was also removed
      • Red Death perk
      • Lifesteal:  Also applies to The Ram
  • Memory of Skorri will now require a kill to start working and will charge Supers for 1 minute, or until the round ends or the player dies
  • Sidearms will no longer allow ammo to stack through death and instead will reset to a single magazine every respawn
  • Added 1 round to Truth’s maximum inventory and increased its reload speed to max
  • Added more flinch to No Land Beyond and widened its potential recoil space — it will recoil the same amount, but not necessarily in the same direction
  • Recovery reduction was removed from the Blink Talent Grid Nodes and the time the player was left HUDless has been lowered
  • Hand Cannon range falloff now starts  ~3m earlier
  • Auto Rifles' minimum damage (damage done at maximum range falloff) increased by 7%
  • Kills with Necrochasm no longer require headshots to explode enemies (flying enemies such as Shanks and Wizards  do not explode)
  • Increased Recovery given by Astrocyte Verse's Move to Survive perk from +3 to +7
  • Fixed an issue where the Rescue Mag perk would replenish ammunition when taking self-damage
  • Fixed an issue where changes to the Shotgun perk Rangefinder intended with Hotfix did not go into effect
  • Fixed an issue that where changes to Shotgun in-air accuracy did not go into effect


  • New Nightfall modifier: Daybreak combines the Epic and Mayhem modifiers every fourth week
  • Nightfall blue flames and Radiant Light Reputation bonus on completion have returned
  • More aggressive idle player detection; now in line with Crucible Activity
  • Fixed an issue in The Nexus where the Aegis would be continuously deleted and respawned
  • Fixed an issue in The Shadow Thief where players would get the "Joining Allies" message while in the playable space during the fight with Taniks


  • Increased the reputation awarded by the Gunsmith for completing weapon tests
  • Eris Morn now accepts Moldering Shards and charged Antiquated Runes as donations in exchange for Crota's Bane reputation
  • Adjusted the price of ammo synthesis for purchase from Eris Morn
  • Shiro-4 will now accept Isenfyre Tokens in exchange for 500 Vanguard reputation
  • The Crucible Quartermaster now sells ammo synthesis consumables in exchange for Hadium Flakes
  • Vendor items sold for Legendary Marks have had their light levels increased to 380
  • Vendors selling level 40 Legendary Armor and Weapons now update perks and stats at the weekly reset
    • This includes the following vendors:
      • Vanguard Mentors and Quartermaster
      • Crucible Quartermaster
      • Lord Shaxx
      • Dead Orbit
      • New Monarchy
      • Future War Cult
  • Xûr now sells two new Exotic weapon bundles each week in addition to his regular weekly sale items
    • Each bundle costs 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust and contains 1 Exotic Weapon and 1 matching Weapon Ornament
  • Two new Emotes are available from the Emote Kiosk: Please and Thanks
  • Adjusted the rarity of certain ships available from Amanda Holliday

Silver Dust Store

  • Many Eververse items available from the Dawning are now available on the Silver Dust Kiosk
  • Sterling and Radiant Treasures have been removed from the Silver Dust Store
  • New Silver Dust Engram items have been added to the Silver Dust Store and their corresponding vendors for a cost of 5 Silver Dust
  • Items obtained from these Engrams dismantle into 1 Silver Dust:
    • Arena Engram - Lord Shaxx - Contains infusible Crucible Armor from Year 1 and 2
    • Exodus Engram - Arach Jalaal - Contains infusible Dead Orbit Armor from Year 1 and 2
    • Warpath Engram - Lakshmi-2 - Contains infusible Future War Cult Armor from Year 1 and 2
    • Unity Engram - Executor Hideo - Contains infusible New Monarchy Armor from Year 1 and 2
    • Triad Engram - Vanguard Mentors - Contains infusible Vanguard Armor from Year 1 and 2
    • Sterling Engram - Silver Dust Store - Contains Spektar Armor from Year 2's Sterling Treasure
    • Icy Engram - Silver Dust Store - Contains Chroma Armor from Treasures of the Dawning
      • Cost is 10 Silver Dust, items dismantle to 5 Silver Dust
  • Players who have previously obtained Dawning and Desolate Armor pieces may purchase these items from the Silver Dust Store


  • Treasure of Ages is now available for purchase from Eververse
  • The Treasure of Ages contains existing Eververse items, as well as many new items to collect:
    • Shaders
    • Weapon Ornaments
    • Ships
    • Triumph Armor Set
  • Players can receive up to three free Treasure of Ages per account per week for their first completion of the following activities:
    • Heroic Strike playlist
    • Weekly Crucible playlist
    • Weekly Story playlist


  • Fixed an issue impacting some players' ability to join Fireteams over local network connections
  • Fixed an issue preventing dropped Engrams from being sent to the Postmaster if the player disconnects without returning to Orbit
  • Fixed a bug causing equipped Sniper Rifles to occasionally become invisible
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Supers to stay activated longer than intended
  • Twilight Garrison now changes color to match the equipped Shader
  • Skeleton Keys and Siva Fragments may now appear at Postmaster to prevent an issue where these items may have been removed from Character Inventory






The record book has four sections: Storied Past, Forged Ingot, Team Effort and The World Explored. 13 pages of pure nostalgic rehash. Book rewards are listed on page 1.


Page 2 is Commemoration and marks things you did in the past, such as From The Beginning, which is unlocked if you did a particular thing in-game before TDB was released. In other words, if you ain’t done these things already, you ain’t getting that page filled.


Page 3 is Story, which seems to tick off story missions you’ve already done.


You’ll be able to tick off a lot of the above as soon as you open the book, of course.


Page 4 is a Titan page, 5 a Hunter page, 6 a Warlock page. Some parts deal with unlocking abilities etc, some are getting kills or doing other stuff with that class in the Crucible. Most people won’t have completed all of that stuff… yet.


Page 7 is Strike achievements.


Page 8 is for Crucible achievements - includes doing shit in Rumble, but not Trials. You’ll have to do the things and score all the points on this page after Age of Triumph launches.


Page 9 deals with Raids. Obviously this leads us to the focus of the update.

  • VoG etc are all LL390, same as HM Wrath.
  • There’s a point score for getting ALL of the raid challenge achievements - all raids now have challenge modes. And there are other points to score, too - such as one for killing all of the Gorgons in the VoG maze.
  • You also get ornaments for each raid, and there’s a weekly featured raid. The Raid of the Week means it has ALL its challenges active that week. These challenges drop ornaments and other special stuff to be revealed later. (They reckon the Atheon Challenge is the hardest challenge they ever made.) 
  • There’s new stuff in the KF and Wrath raids too - including changes to mechanics (even without the challenge modes), and new rewards.
  • Week One’s raid is Crota, and choosing 390LL will have the challenge modes, but once a raid has Featured, its 390LL mode will be selectable even when it’s not the featured raid (i.e. it has no challenges.)
  • Raid drops are up to 400LL too - the example given was the Mythoclast. They’ll be talking about how all the old raid weapons being 400LL will ‘impact the sandbox’ in their last stream on 22 March - so wait until then for nerf news.


Page 10 is a Collections page - for getting tons of ships, shaders, etc (e.g. there’s a score for having 5k grimoire).


Page 11, the Wanderer page, is all about having found lost of dead ghosts, SIVA clusters, getting gold in public events, etc.


Page 12, Allegiances, is about reaching rank 25 with each faction, Vanguard, Cryptarch, Shaxx, etc.


And the last page is the Trials of Osiris page. Oh yeah baby! But you only have to get 6 of the 7 points on this page to get the page completion mark, so you can miss the Lighthouse if you manage to meet all the other criteria (e.g. Wrecking Ball).


Now, you’d have to be a nutter to get all of these (you know who I’m looking at.) But full completion is not needed to get all rewards in the book - if you get about 3/4 of the book complete you get all rewards.


And the rewards are - there a 5 emblems unlocked at Ranks 2 to 6, and a personalised offer from Bungie is unlocked at Rank 7.




Challenge of the Elders will be available at 390LL. It gives Legendary Marks for the first three weekly completions, and a Legendary Engram for the first one. Apparently it is also ‘generous as frickin heck’ with other rewards. 


The Nightfall is 380LL and includes the new modifier, Daybreak. This is a modifier that will only apply to Nightfalls, not other strikes. It’s basically Mayhem from Crucible, so your supers and abilities charge really quickly. Rewards remain the same as before. Some weeks there’ll be a rainbow burn. Daybreak itself only turns up once every four weeks, starting in the debut AoT week, March 28 - but starting July 18 there’ll be 6 consecutive weeks of Daybreak strikes. (Clearly, this seems to signal the frenzied culmination of the Age of Triumph, and the fact that the six week period of madness ends on August 29 strongly suggests a September release for… something to replace it. I WONDER WHAT THAT COULD BE.)


Also… blue flames are back for Nightfall completion. This brings with it the old weekly XP boost.


The Heroic strike playlist stays at 350 and rewards the same as before, except that you get a Treasure of Ages box for your first weekly completion. More on this later. 


There’s a new PvE playlist - the Weekly Story playlist - set at 380LL. This is a group of story missions with a particular theme - e.g. Earth and Moon, or Mars and Venus, or House of Wolves - which take modifiers. The first five missions completed each week give 10 Marks a pop; the first one gives a Treasure of Ages.

There’s a 6v6 Crucible game mode as a weekly playlist too, which also gives a Treasure of Ages box for the fist one played each week. Shaxx now has two weekly Crucible bounties which relate to the chosen 6v6 game type.


The new Treasure of Ages rewards box is therefore available at a max of three per week. It can contain anything from previous reward boxes, e.g. Spektar gear, Desolate gear, emotes, SRL emblems, the Ghost Ghost, festival masks, etc. Basically anything you could get from a previous event. There are also new items possible within it for the Triumph season - new armour, ships, shaders, ornaments. The Silver Dust store has been greatly expanded to include shaders, ships masks, emotes, lenses etc, and you can break down shit you don’t want and exchange the resultant dust for stuff you do.
The new Hunter VoG armour set has one Vex leg and one Vex arm! Warlock has two Vex legs from the knee downward, with tentacles from a Harpy on the back. Titan has like an electric neck shield thingy. The armour drops from any version of the raids, the ornaments only from the challenge modes - it wasn’t 100% clear, but I think the new look comes from the ornaments. 

I have no idea what they look like without ornaments- maybe like old style armour? *shrug* 

Ornaments from any raid challenge mode can be applied to any raid armour set.

Each raid primary weapon has an adept version. Only the adept version has elemental damage. The elemental version is an exotic and takes up a slot. The legendary version has no elemental damage. The adepts looks slightly different. The adept version drops only in challenge mode. So basically, you need to do the 390 challenges lots of times to get all the drops to get your old elemental raid weapons back, and they'll take up exotic slots.

Crota armour set looks super cool. Totally OTT animated dayglo green spikes everywhere (again, I guess these come from ornaments). When you take damage the spikes dissolve temporarily into little floating rocks! The warlock set is especially gnarly.

Black Hammer isn’t coming back - just a new Spindle drops from Crota. Necrochasm is back though, with an ornament… and it’s been updated to cause an explosion with any kill, not just a crit kill.

King’s Fall
Armour looks a bit like the Crota stuff when ornamented, but bluey rather than greeny and not as good. Hunter looks like an infected chicken.

All weapons have an elemental adept/exotic version, which drops only in challenge mode. This is true of all raids, inc WotM.

Wrath of the Machine
Ornamented armour looks a lot more appealing, with more obvious animated ornamentation than the original set. And of course, the exotic/adept elemental version drops from challenge modes. 

There’s Age of Triumph armour sets too, based on Y1 armour designs with added chroma. The Speaker’s new quest rewards with the new class items, and the rest you get in the regular weekly boxes from selected activities.

There are new ornaments for some existing weapons as well. Dragon’s Breath looks cool. Or hot.

Assault rifles have been boosted across the board - an effective range and damage buff.

Hand cannon range is getting nerfed lol

The health regeneration nerf is being rolled back a bit, and blink is getting slightly unnerfed a bit, but not put back to what it was. 

Truth is staying single-rocket but one rocket's getting added to your pack and reload is being super quickened. 

NLB has been given a lot of flinch.

Sidearms no longer stack ammo after death.You respawn with only a single mag full of ammo (12?).

Special crates now instantly load special weapons, just like heavy ammo does with heavies.

Skorri now only activates for a minute after a kill when your super’s full, and then wears off.

Patch notes on March 28 will give full details.
AoT launches 28/03 10am Pacific, 6pm BST.

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  • 4 years later...

There's the following story on Bungie's site ( http://www.bungie.net/News/Blog.aspx?mode=news#cid30678 ) poo-pooing some shit story about lay offs posted on Kotaku Australia's website, so I'd take anything you read on Kotaku about Bungie with a large piece of salt.

Don't believe everything that you read.

This evening, Kotaku Australia published a blog entry to their website claiming that Bungie recently terminated as many as thirty contract employees without notice or justification, effectively eliminating all non full time staff at the request of our publisher, Activision-Blizzard.

The claim is false.

Bungie has never been asked to lay off any employees or contract employees by our publisher, Activision-Blizzard, for any reason. The talented professionals who grace our offices day in and day out are the lifeblood of Bungie – our most cherished commodity – and the unsubstantiated rumors posted today are in direct opposition to the culture and values that we believe make Bungie an exceptional place to work, and to call home.

(Oh, and since we're on the subject, we're hiring.)

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Argh don't say that! Now I can't get up form my desk for fear of embarrassment. :(

You'll probably have to stay stuck under your desk for a while longer, assuming you haven't heard the news that Planetside 2 is probably in development:

Smedley told The Escapist, "We have a very big launch coming in the month of March. It's a big first person shooter franchise that we're really happy with."

Might it be a sequel to widely-enjoyed 2003 MMOFPS PlanetSide, the interviewer asked? "Could be. We haven't technically announced it."

Smedley then told the interviewer that he could say that he had "hinted" that the new PlanetSide was imminent.

"This is the farthest I've gone [discussing it with the press] and the PR people are going to shoot me," he added.

We already know that a PlanetSide sequel is in the works. Last year Smedley revealed the follow-up features, "Massive battles on a scale no other FPS will touch. None of this 64 player stuff. REALLY MASSIVE. With much better organisation, and a tight focus on making sure the action is always going on, with awesome graphics."

Smedley also revealed in The Escapist interview why the game won't simply be called PlanetSide 2.

"We don't have the official name for it. PlanetSide Next is kind of the working title," he explained.


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You'll probably have to stay stuck under your desk for a while longer, assuming you haven't heard the news that Planetside 2 is probably in development:


I knew it was in development, but I've never seen any pictures before. Is that official art? If so, it's good to see the NC and the Vanguard tank are still in it :)

To be honest, Bungie's attempt at Planetside could be absolutely amazing. When I try to explain to people what Planetside was like, I tend to say "like Halo, but persistent and massive".

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  • 2 weeks later...

Confirmation from Bungie that is working on an MMO and it's not WoW in space...

At a panel session at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco today, Bungie lead network engineer David Aldridge confirmed to attendees that the developer's next title is a "massively multiplayer action game."

Rumors about the game have bounced around the internet in recent weeks, with anonymous sources describing the new project as "WoW in space." At his talk, titled "I Shot You First: Networking the Gameplay of Halo: Reach," Aldridge specifically noted that the title is not "WoW in space." So there you have it.

The still-untitled game series will be published by Activision, and it's the first non-Halo project the studio has worked on since joining Microsoft to release Halo: Combat Evolved. This isn't the first time a Bungie rep has mentioned that the studio was interested in making a persistent online game. In answer to a fan's query about the upcoming project during a 2010 GDC session, Bungie's Joseph Staten responded by asking, "Wouldn't it be great if we could make a world that was always there for you?"

Looks like Bungie is answering its own question.



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It'll all come down to what pricing model they use for me. I have enough trouble keeping up with the stream of games already lately. I'd doubt I'd pay £10 a month, or whatever the going rate is now, for any game.

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Until I know what pricing model Activision are intending to adopt it's impossible to get excited about this.

I'm excited UNTIL they annouce that.

I reckon I'd pay if it was quality though. In the bigger scheme of things (i.e. what we pay for entertainment generally) I don't suppose 5-10 quid a month is much if the quality of the game is very high.

Tiny proportion of most people's entertainment expenditure, no?

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I guess it depends on your personal circumstances, but I'm on a fairly tight budget at the mo'. I've already stumped up for my Live sub; you can understand that I'd rather not be gouged for a monthly sub on top.

Yes of course, I'd feel the same. But in terms of value, an FPS fan (if that's what this game is - an FPS) might get an awful lot of bang for their buck if they were really into the game - making the outlay more than worthwhile.

I presume you could stop the monthly sub at any time, meaning you could dip in and out of the experience as you liked.

Looking forward to seeing how it works anyway, and what the game's about generally.

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Bungie are playing down the likelihood of their next game being an MMO:

Tired of pretending that he’s not a -blam!-in’ rock star from Mars, David Aldridge inhaled a huge hit of David Aldridge at GDC yesterday. Subsequently, his face melted off and children wept over his exploded body. After the childish tears, gelatinous gibs, and acrid smoke cleared, an industrious journalist noticed the final slide from David’s GDC deck which apparently proclaimed that we were hiring for a "massively…multiplayer action game." Ruh oh.

Now, in rehearsal Aldridge was convinced that everybody got the joke. It was all in the delivery, he assured us, and he was certain it was clear that he was playfully riffing off of the recent rumors. Unfortunately, most people can’t figure David out – they can’t process him. And we don’t expect them to. You can’t process David Aldridge with a normal brain. You’d need tiger blood and Adonis DNA.


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