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Destiny: FIN

Gorf King

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Do we have a full team yet or still need another? Hopefully the severs are up on time...

Have got the full 6 at the moment, depending how late we end up being able to start we may have some dropping out then we can recruit if necessary.

Message me on PSN if there's a spot. Assuming the servers are back up around 8-ish.

Will do mate.

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Got pulled in to the end of the weekly as soon as I Iogged in by some other m8s last night, sorry Ph0rce and PinkMoon but will definitely be about later for more of the same.

No problem. I started on the new WoW expansion anyway. Servers are farked tonight, it seems, so I might be on Destiny soon instead. Hit me up if you still need that Nightfall.

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Ooh, I like your helmet, LeChuck. Congrats.

My alt Warlock was asked to join another *cough* team last night to fill in for a missing member in normal VoG, and the spawny get got the vault gauntlets, a Corrective Measure and, aptly, a Praedyth's Revenge to replace the other void sniper I accidentally trashed earlier this week. Good times, and it means my main (who's now basically the same level as my alt) should be a bit more handy in the raid next time as he'll be able to use the Hawkmoon again now I have the sniper base covered without resorting to Patience and Time.

Speaking of which, I can't work out when we're doing the concluding VoG run. It looks like Saturday (not sure I can do that one), or Sunday evening? I think I'll just PM the team rather than clog the thread up.

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